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Daash Cancels Braunschweig Bash

The beautiful city of Braunschweig just lost their right to party if they want to, in lieu of security. Statist logic: If the terrorists hate us for our freedom, let’s just take away our freedom.Daash isn’t content on just ruining your next beach vacation, in fact their plots on the Coliseum have even German officials up in arms to the point of the small (250,000 population) city of Braunschweig calling off their Mardi Gras parade.

Braunschweig Police Spokesman, Thomas Geese, explained that the credible threats of an Islamic nature received were taken, “Together with city officials and organizers, we evaluated the information and then, at very short notice, decided to cancel the street parade.”

Just how short was that short notice? 90 minutes before its scheduled start.A Daash victory without the need for expensive digital video editing.

Sure, the authorities admitted that the timing of the cancellation left, “Many people arriving at the train station from out of town (that) were already dressed up and very disappointed, but we didn't want to take any risks.”

Braunschweig’s Mayor Ulrich Markurth called the move a, “Sad day for our city, and a sad day for our democratic society.”

Talk about raining on someone else’s parade. 

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  • Guest (Curtis)

    Yes, Mayor, it is a sad day.

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  • Guest (Anna)

    The same is happening in Olso!

    from Oslo, Norway
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