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Turkish Airlines Just Got Less Glamorous

Fly the friendly Sharia skies.You might have noticed that your cabin crew on Turkish Airlines flights seems a little less chic these days. The tides have turned away from crimson lips and matching nails (company staples from the 1970’s) to meek pastels, and the reasoning varies on who on the inside you ask.

The company hardline states that the change is only because they are in a transitional phase with their company uniforms. That’s it, nothing else to see here folks.

Right, well since they brought it up, PD would like to point out that the prototypes of those said new uniforms, which surfaced in February of this year, seemed to scream Sharia and were lauded by the twitterverse.

Our sources on the inside have said that the real reason for the change is that now after 40 some odd years, the higher ups have deemed red lipstick and nail polish to be too inflammatory for the morals of the male customers.

“It gives the male customers too many ideas,” our insiders explained. “It makes them disrespectful.”Hmm...note a difference?

Red is a classic.

Other employees put the change down to the general creeping of Sharia law into all aspects of daily life in the region. 99% of Turkey is Islamic, and in recent years the honchos of Turkish Airlines have made a strong company push to be, well to be more compliant.

Last year Turkish Airlines also removed their ban on flight attendants wearing headscarves.

The President of the Turkish Airlines Union, Atilay Aycin pointed to the obvious, “No one can deny that Turkey has become a more conservative, religious country.”

Really? Turkey is becoming more conservative? Good thing the main stream media has sworn up and down that there is no such thing as a Caliphate, otherwise we might be worried. 

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