Genius Idea: KLM’s Seatbelt Activism

Published on Friday, 11 August 2017 16:11

 Twitter, not just for the clever.Come on, KLM. Seriously.This week’s bit of brilliance comes from Royal Dutch Airliner KLM’s Marketing Team.

Overeager to both celebrate Gay Pride Month and throw out decades of airline pre-flight safety films, KLM’s Twitter account told the world last week that, “It doesn’t matter who you click with.”

The rub comes of course from the fact that two male ends, or two female ends, will do little to keep you from rag-dolling during turbulence as they don’t actually click, and that sentiment wasn’t lost on anyone, but the airliner themselves.Slow clap...


By all means, show pride in whatever you want, but maybe take a second or two to think before launching a whole campaign. 

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  • Guest (Patricia)

    What is worse is that this ad was then used by the anti-gay people as an example of why homosexuality "doesn't work"

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  • Guest (Taffy)

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