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Memory Lane Monday: France and an Emergency Extension

There’s something to the call of power to all short men.Don’t worry, the French Police State still allows kitschy tourist photos and all the selfies your ego requires. Remember when President Francois Hollande stepped off of his Vespa and issued a three month État d'urgence (or as you may know it in your tyrannical neck of the woods a State of Emergency) after a few lone wolves of Daash attacked Paris?

Well, in a full Gomer Pyle moment of, “Surprise, surprise!” tomorrow Hollande is hoping to extend the État d'urgence far passed the February 26 th deadline.

You know, until terrorism is completely wiped from the planet.

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls even dropped the IS moniker favored by the media and went for Daesh directly saying that he felt the État d'urgence should remain in place until, “We can get rid of Daesh.”

Side note: Sure it’s not our spelling, but hey---nice one.Isn’t it amazing how quickly one can adjust to a Police State?

While the Brexit was being given lip service, Prime Minister Manuel Valls went onto to tell the BBC during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that as fair as the État d'urgence is concerned, “As long as the threat is there, we must use all available means.”

Speaking of all of those available means, since the État d'urgence was put into place there have been around 2,500 police raids and about 400 people have been placed under house arrest. Apart from that though, under the État d'urgence warrant-less searches and seizures are also permitted. According to the État d'urgence, the government can even block websites and radio communication.

Happy Monday! 

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  • Guest (Minerva)

    This does not surprise anyone. Everyone saw this coming. Basically this extension is no better than the no-sunsets on America's Patriot Act.

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  • Guest (Cole)

    This news makes me sad.:( Why do you always start the week out so depressingly?:(

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  • Guest (brie38)

    Why is no one talking anymore about the Grexit? There was that huge vote last summer and then nothing.

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