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Genius Idea: Fines For Tourist Harassers

Genius Idea: Fines For Tourist Harassers

Egypt has had no shortage of brilliance lately, and this week’s is no different.

Topless in Switzerland

Topless in Switzerland

We know that PD has a reputation of being somewhat depressing, but we can honestly say it’s going...

Move Over Unicorns, It’s All about the Balloons

Move Over Unicorns, It’s All about the Balloons

Jeffree Starr and Jerrod Blandino might not have realized the unicorn look actually traces itself...

Just Sayin’: Victoria Secret and Turkey Not Riding the Waves Well

Just Sayin’: Victoria Secret and Turkey Not Riding the Waves Well

A company almost having it worse than any Sharm el Sheikh resort these days, has to be Victoria’s...

Memory Lane Monday: National Park Pledge

Memory Lane Monday: National Park Pledge

Remember all of those family vacations from your childhood spent crammed into the back of the...

Iran: Khamenei Says No WeChat For You

Hey, black is slimming.He sees what you’re doing there…Apart from having the best film special effects team in the world, Iran still isn’t all that into mixed communicating.

Oh sure, most of Iran has the technological capability to waste time on social media like Western welfare recipients, but Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and all of his buddies, just feel that those sites are a bit too social and have decided that there’s got to be a clause in the Koran somewhere banning that type of thing.

Genius Idea: GPS For Baby Jesus

This Baby Jesus is permanently attached to Mary.Well, there are a lot of figures to steal from this scene.This week’s Genius Idea is actually a fairly good solution to a problem. It’s the problem itself that we here at PD just cannot wrap our heads around.

Apparently, the Baby Jesus has been kidnapped from many a Nativity scene across the Nation.

The. Baby. Jesus.

Just Sayin’: If You Still Believe in Big Gov---Ho Ho Ho You’re Nuts

How many people do you know like this in your life? Patience is a must. We all wake up at different times.This is gonna hurt.The Progressive Left parachuted and pole vaulted in order to just finally shove it down America’s throat.

Yes, Obamacare was the itchy, lime green, wool sweater wrapped in birthday foil under the Christmas tree that no one wanted, and now that it is here, unwrapped, forced upon the Nation that’s expected to wear it day in and day out we’re still shocked---not by the feel, but by how poorly it was knit together in the first place.

Genius Idea: Brain Powered Vehicle that Forcibly Slows When You are Distracted

Whew! Close one.Snazzy...not.PD has featured a lot of genius ideas, but this one just might take the cake. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia and Emotiv’s Attention Powered Car.

Government Sanctioned Looting

What’s the likelihood the Daka staffs survives? The mania before the fall.Things just got harder for Papá Noel in Venezuelan, as Maduro in the wake of toilet paper shortages, mini-riots, and a collapsing universal healthcare system decided that the best thing to do was to take over, occupy, Nationalize---we guess all of the above---all five Daka outlets.

Free Market Ghost Busting

Makes sense.Home sweet "creepy ass" home.Worried your Tudor Rival might have something lurking in the basement? Feel like it’s more than your floorboards creaking at night? Do your doors randomly slam, and do your keys tend to just get up and walk away four or five times a week?

Well, don’t stress about getting Bill Murray Zak Bagans on the horn, because the free market already has solved what goes bump in the night in your neighborhood.


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