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Summer’s Coming: Erdogan Issues Emergency Hair Removal Decree

Summer’s Coming: Erdogan Issues Emergency Hair Removal Decree

Since last summer’s coup attempt, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been freed by his...

Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Daash

Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Daash

PD hates to kick your off your week with anything dark, pessimistic or chilling, but we do it...

Genius Idea: Air India’s Customer Service

Genius Idea: Air India’s Customer Service

At a time when airline customer service seems to be an archaic concept, Air India, ever the...

Too Many Holidays

Too Many Holidays

Today’s 4/20, and after Easter on Monday, Earth Day over the weekend and Witch Burning Day the...

Adidas and Pepsi Competing to Be New Coke

Adidas and Pepsi Competing to Be New Coke

So far 2017 seems to be the year where top and semi-top tier companies vie to win the PR label of...

Genius Idea: American DOD Hired Russian Programmers

The historic relapse. DOD at work.In the off chance there were still some PDers out there that thought the US Government was not bent on ritualistic suicide, it turns out that from 2008 to 2013 the Department of Defense hired Russians to implement software and manage the DOD communications network.

Just Sayin’: If you decide to go a nude beach…

Ick.Studland...?Unfortunately, it is tough love time here at PD.

Nudists in Dorset are up in naked arms, because apparently a drone snapped pictures of them soaking up the sun at the Studland Naturist Beach.

Tolerant Twitter: Saudi Arabia’s Haia Logs On

Locked up.If you can’t beat them into submission, join them.From earlier this month, Twitter got a heck of a lot more tolerant when Saudi Arabia’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (i.e. Haia, the religion police) signed up with the handle @PvGovSa.

Genius Idea: NASA, $18000 and You

All aboard Planet Hillary.NASA: Feel good about the taxpayer dollar waste.Our staff would hope you didn’t get the impression that all NASA does these days is stroke the ego of Islamic smart guys like Bandar al-Khaibari, so just in case you did, we want to tell you about NASA’s latest study.

Genius Idea: Govt Comes For Your Turkey & XMAS Lights

I'm coming for next, Fat boy.But without government, who will regulate the holiday lights?We know it’s only May and that the Yuletide season is still a long ways away, but frankly, thanks to Big Government it’s not looking good for the festivities.

EU: Black Boxes for Everybody

The EU.For your safety we need to track your movements.In what should really be presented as a Genius Idea Friday segment (but let’s face it, there’s far too much tyrannical brilliance to limit talking about them directly to just once per week) the European Union just mandated that all automobiles should be fitted with black boxes.

You know, for safety.


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