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2017’s Controversial Costumes

2017’s Controversial Costumes

Move over Zombie Castro, the results are in for what the mainstream media has dubbed the most...

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

In keeping up with our Creepy October Mondays, this week PD (using our best Crypt Keeper...

Genius Idea: Cemetery Sex

Genius Idea: Cemetery Sex

If you ever read Fox News, where it’s all female teachers having sex with under-aged students all...

Digital Graves

Digital Graves

Well, it has finally happened, PDers. Welcome to the age of digital graves!

UN: Vampires in Malawi

UN: Vampires in Malawi

Here at PD, we’ve often joked about the United Nations being a useless organization (unless of...

Romney Campaign Finally Steps Up

You mad, bro?The general feeling from the US conservative pool has been bleak since Mitt Romney became the defacto candidate. Most have tried to smile through the first few months of Romney HQ’s Obama’s-a-Great-Guy theme, chanting to themselves, “At least, Romney’s not a commie. At least, Romney’s not a commie. At least, Romney’s not a commie.” Which is why you can imagine our surprise, that this gentlemen’s gentlemen’s gentlemen’s gentlemen’s dander finally went up, and not only that, but shockingly it went up over what we’re sure Obama viewed as a rather benign comment on business.

Obama, you don’t know business. Romney know them dat darn business. Now he teach you.

Weiners in the Muslim Bro-hood

Weiner's claim to fame.Yeah. We know. Anthony Weiner has been poking his head out into the limelight again, with Obama Care praise and self-staged rumors of a New York Mayoral run. We know. But---

Full disclosure: Anthony Weiner gives every single person on the PD staff (including the men) the skives, along with dry heaves. It’s not pretty. No one wants to pitch a Weiner storyline. No one. Of course, some wieners must be faced full on, right? In the name of preserving liberty? Right?

With spit bucket in hand, a Smecta cocktail, and wet washcloth, here’s the Anthony Weiner connection to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Debate Etiquette 101

Meeting of the minds.Were you glued to the Youtube screen last weekend when the video surfaced of Jordanian MP Mohammed Shawabka going all Mid-East meets Wild West on a live television debate? No? You weren’t? You haven’t seen it? Then put those nuke codes to the side, tell Jackie she can finish the Smither’s account herself (she really wants to anyway, be nice and throw her that bone), and jack your HP speakers up. It’s time for Debate Etiquette 101.

Made in China? The Horror!

Ralph Lauren seems a little less than sporting lately.Last week, Congress tried to shake the fashion world by declaring Ralph Lauren’s Olympic designs to be abhorrent. Wait---that was us here at the PD staff meeting. Congress’ furor was awakened when they found out that----steel yourself----the uniforms and all of the Olympic wear collection were made in China!

Memory Lane Mondays! Mexican Edition

Monday MemoriesNew stories of encroachments on freedom come down the pike faster and faster these days, that’s why, PD wants to start your week off right, with a little reminder of just how far we’ve come. We call it: Memory Lane Mondays.

Last week, we covered Britain’s aging Duke of Eugenics and his dream to be reincarnated as something useful, like a vicious plague. This week, PD wanted to give a little shout out to our little buddy down in Mexico, President Felipe Calderon.

Mom & Dad Meet The New Boyfriend

Beatle Mania!Let’s face it, in the types of men us girls adore, we can be a bit schizophrenic. On the one hand, we want the bad boy rebel, with mystery in his eyes, and fire in his heart. On the other side, we want a stable, sweet boy next door that is interested in the things we are.

What happens though when you combine the two archetypes?

Well, you get PD’s new boyfriend: Kim Jong-un.


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