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Just Sayin’: Over The Iceland Bandwagon

Just Sayin’: Over The Iceland Bandwagon

To start with, we’d like to outline for the record, that PD covered Iceland long before the rest...

Faux Tiffanys Causes Costco to Pay Up

Faux Tiffanys Causes Costco to Pay Up

A fair amount of engagement rings (2,500) at remarkable whole-sale prices has put Costco and a...

Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Boy Scouts

Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Boy Scouts

Sure, the Philippine National Police will go the extra mile and hour to appease their President,...

Genius Idea: KLM’s Seatbelt Activism

Genius Idea: KLM’s Seatbelt Activism

This week’s bit of brilliance comes from Royal Dutch Airliner KLM’s Marketing Team.

Heat Wave: 2017

Heat Wave: 2017

It’s heat wave time again, and no, we’re not just talking about Urban Decay’s European Naked Heat...

Get Your Gold Grills Or Maybe Don't

Show us your gold grill!Fashion and the economy are step-sisters, kind of related, feed off each other, and fight constantly. Therefore based on that, PD is always quick to keep a close eye on investments, well that, and the fact the PD’s staff are people too, and don’t much like getting screwed by State Bonds and taxes on carbonated beverages.

Below is Part 1, of a multi-part series called: What Not to Invest In

We Got 9 Problems & Jeremy Scott is 1

The latest from Adidas.For a company with already a very controversial history, from being the offspring of the German Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, Adidas has recently definitely gotten into hot water again.

Skipping the Nazi background (wow, has that phrase ever been written before?), PD has a number of issues with their latest JS Roundhouse Mid kicks, otherwise known as the Shackle Shoe.

Stupid Is As Stupid Did

Yep pretty stupid.The depth of the Obama Campaign’s stupidity and irrelevance truly couldn’t shock the American public. Hell, after years of, “That depends on what your definition of is-is,” and, “We will show those terrorist by shopping more,” the whole political campaign game can’t help but be anything less than absurd.

Borrowing a line from our dear leader, let me be clear, I am by no means suggesting that this 2012 election is the dirtiest and vilest, and meanie-meanest. That inference makes me want to bang my hand against my British Colonial Reproduction work table. Clearly, the whole Jefferson ate hoe cakes, and Adams was a hermaphrodite (or he-she as they were happily called back in Elementary) was the meanie-meanest. Hell, Romney says he doesn’t like Obama’s tie, and the media trip over themselves to be the first to declare it’s the meanest personal attack since Kublai Khan. No, no, I just think it’s the dumbest campaign ever.

Keeping It Classic

Red nails, a classic staple.So, you say Marijuana decals aren’t your mani style. We here at PD understand completely. Truth be told all of our contributors were surveyed and none have actually gone for the whole Nacro-Patron-Saint-thing; of course, no one on our staff plans to party in Cabo with the Zeta’s either (your political fashion choices are sometimes based on necessity).

While summer cobalts and neon pinks don’t suit everyone, a red manicure is a go-to staple that fits every skin type, hair color, personality, and time of year. Blood red in fall, cheery Santa in December, Valentine crush in February, Candy-Apple in Spring, and Hot Hot Hot in summer, red nails always come across as current and yet classic. 

Eau de Cracker

King Samir Shabazz, Grand Arch Duke of the New Black Panther Party (okay, he’s only the National Field Marshal), is by no means just a mere sideline complainer, or Betty Bitchalot. No, no, dear PD pals, King Samir Shabazz is a problem solver. King Samir Shabazz, the problem solver.

During a recent Black Panther get to together and pot luck, King Samir Shabazz shared the inspiration behind his newest venture:

“I love black people, and I hate the goddamn white man, woman, and child, grandma, aunt, uncle, Pappa Billy Bob, and whoever else. Redneck Tom and Blueneck Robert, and whoever else you wanna name. I hate the white man. I hate the very look of white people. I hate the sound of white people. Goddamnit, I hate the smell of white people.

So enlisting the help of top name French fragrance gurus, Shabazzy formulated his Eau de Cracker cologne and perfume sets, scheduled to hit the CV shelves by mid-summer.

Barack at a Price

You sure are doing a lot, Anna. Okay, so have you had as much of Anna Wintour as you can possibly stomach stand? Nope? You can take a handle a little more?

Wow. PD admires your strength. Anna Wintour articles are more passed over here than horde ours at a Hollywood premier. It’s not that there’s nothing to say about Anna Wintour’s pretentious claim to fashion royalty. We could go on and on about her wiglet alone! It’s just the nausea factor. PD contributors like writing about Anna Wintour as much as they like writing about Prince Charles, if that explains it any better.

Fine though. If you think you can take it, here are the rest of the lowlights highlights of the Runway to Win collection.


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