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Just Sayin’: You Might Want to Watch that Plastic Surgery

Just Sayin’: You Might Want to Watch that Plastic Surgery

A nip here, a tuck there, hey---even Ferraris need a little maintenance every now and then....

2017’s Controversial Costumes

2017’s Controversial Costumes

Move over Zombie Castro, the results are in for what the mainstream media has dubbed the most...

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

In keeping up with our Creepy October Mondays, this week PD (using our best Crypt Keeper...

Genius Idea: Cemetery Sex

Genius Idea: Cemetery Sex

If you ever read Fox News, where it’s all female teachers having sex with under-aged students all...

Digital Graves

Digital Graves

Well, it has finally happened, PDers. Welcome to the age of digital graves!

Just Sayin’: Target’s Still Off Target

Ashley Madison, anyone?Perhaps it is time to go back to basics?From manatee gray to rallying against open carry to their massive Christmas credit card security breach to their gender bender kids’ clothes layout to now them having to close 13 stores throughout the United States---clearly it’s been an interesting few years for Target.

Those store closures covering everywhere from California to Kentucky, follow their attempt to take Canada by storm, a move that completely fizzled out.A scary consequence of when a business decides to go into Progressive politics.

In addition, Target’s latest tactic of having an international website serving 200 countries (not a one of those the Czech Republic) has so far warranted only lackluster reviews.

Target, what’s going on?

Just sayin’. 

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  • Guest (Jana)

    No Czech Republic? Is that because of an agreement with Tesco or what?

    from Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
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  • Guest (Daniella)

    Their Black Friday Ad too is ridiculous. There's basically nothing good in it at all. All of the prices are still expensive. I remember being young spending all Thanksgiving circling and recircling their ad. Now I will just throw it out.

    from Maryland, USA
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  • Guest (Albert)

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  • Guest (Olivia Morris)

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  • Guest (Guadalupe Wilson)

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    from United States
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