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Just Sayin’: You Might Want to Watch that Plastic Surgery

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Digital Graves

Digital Graves

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Swag it.What’s $800,000 among corrupt officials? If you were under the impression that it is only vacation hound Michelle Antoinette Obama, prepubescent teens, and soft core rappers that are into swag, well, you’d be more than just a little mistaken.

A report that came out yesterday from the IOD (long hand that’s the Investigative Operations Division) revealed that the US Marshal Service loves to swag it up with the big dogs, too.

To the tune of at least $800,000 from 2005 to 2010, the USMS loaded up on promotional items.The worst kind of knock-knock joke.

Side note: Really? US Marshals need help in the promo department? Raiding homes in Washington for early 1900’s ammo, isn’t getting their organization out there enough?

Again, if you’re just thinking that the $800,000 must be for a load of flag lapel pins, you still haven’t grasped the point of swag.

Add neckties, sparkly Christmas ornaments (how nice that the taxpayer was given the opportunity to be the not-so-secret Santa), silk scarves, sheet sets, crystal statues, hand embroidered pillows, cufflinks, and a few thousand teddy bears and you’ll be closer to the ballpark.

Of course, the US Marshals aren’t the only government organization that go a little nuts with taxpayer funds. The IOD concluded that, “The growth in spending on promotional items was the result of the absence of internal controls and accountability within the USMS, and the failure of USMS personnel who were given purchasing responsibilities to exercise good judgment.”


Our only question is how much taxpayer green it took the IOD to come to that startling conclusion?

No biggie, with the government you can always be sure that it’s money well spent. 

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    Only $800000? I thought the waste would be far worse.

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  • Guest (progressives' nightmare)

    Real Men will always FLUSH in my house.

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  • Guest (Ayma Baig)

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