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Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Since our PD Book Club pick for the this month is To Kill a Mocking Bird, our staff felt that we...

EU: Greek Yogurt Can Only Be Greek

EU: Greek Yogurt Can Only Be Greek

In the off chance you were lamenting last year’s Brexit Vote, just know that Britain’s leaving in...

With Love From Bulgaria

With Love From Bulgaria

Sure, Zimbabwe’s in the middle of a military coup-non-coup, but have you checked your mail...

India and Carrying Gold

India and Carrying Gold

We have mentioned the Indian love affair with all things gold in the past, but with India’s...

Memory Lane Monday: Davutoglu and Daash

Memory Lane Monday: Davutoglu and Daash

Since last year’s attempted “coup” Erdogan has been the strongman on everyone’s mind when it...

Scandalous Swimsuits

She stills looks a hell of a lot better than Berlusconi.A few months back when the IMF was partitioning up Cypriot bank accounts, Angela Merkel the Grand Chancellor of Germany, tried to sneak away for a few moments of Italian relaxation poolside. While she did manage to make it poolside, unflattering snaps of her in her bathing duds exploded onto tabloids from Singapore to Guam.

Merkel should have realized what the throngs of ninja paparazzi have always known: Breaks are few and far in-between for those accused of being a Nazi by current Hungarian Nazis.

Manatee Sized Problems

Manatee sized problems.Here at PD we know our colors. Nothing is ever just blue. It’s sea blue, cobalt blue, cookie blue, sailor, mercury blue, ice blue, elf, and----trust us there’s more. Well last week, there was a fairly sizable backlash against the US box firm Target, when it was discovered that a plus sized kimono dress was listed as being manatee gray.

Cue crickets.

No Skirts Allowed

Oh yeah, banning mini-skirts will really help this society.Boy, it’s been a tough year on the skirt.

King Mswati III banned them but kept the idlamu, and now the Ugandan Anti-Porn Bill of 2011 (and come on, who isn’t familiar with the Ugandan Anti-Porn Bill of 2011?) has recently been expanded to include a ban on miniskirts.

H&M's Conscious Collection: Swing and Miss?

Sea-green? How many sea-green pieces are in your closet?As we dubbed last year’s Conscious Collection by H&M to be a conscious disaster, PD has to admit this year’s crack at it is better. Better, but still not there.

Despite that, lines have sprung up all over Europe to snatch up the pieces today. Could the entire queue be banking on the ebay resell factor?

Beating Out Bra History

Egyptian Blue BrasNothing quite makes a fashion statement like the brasserie. For example, here you can see the iconized blue bra worn by a female protester last December in Egypt. As sells of blue bras skyrocketed all over the world to showcase a united female front, the history of the brasserie was being flipped on its head.

EPIC Fashion Fails Volume 1

No Room for Mixed Emotions Here, EPIC Fashion FailsMixed prints.

Each Spring and Summer, it happens. Stylists and retailers alike thrash about over which print is the print, which color is the color, and where exactly will the masses be willing purchase their hems.

As usual, all of their so-called schooled solutions miss the mark. Why they have failed to grasp that style is classic and not a slap-on bracelet trend is for another article, jointly written by a priest and psychologist.


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