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Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Since our PD Book Club pick for the this month is To Kill a Mocking Bird, our staff felt that we...

EU: Greek Yogurt Can Only Be Greek

EU: Greek Yogurt Can Only Be Greek

In the off chance you were lamenting last year’s Brexit Vote, just know that Britain’s leaving in...

With Love From Bulgaria

With Love From Bulgaria

Sure, Zimbabwe’s in the middle of a military coup-non-coup, but have you checked your mail...

India and Carrying Gold

India and Carrying Gold

We have mentioned the Indian love affair with all things gold in the past, but with India’s...

Memory Lane Monday: Davutoglu and Daash

Memory Lane Monday: Davutoglu and Daash

Since last year’s attempted “coup” Erdogan has been the strongman on everyone’s mind when it...

Round Five: D&G Versus the Technocrats

D&G runway shows have everything, even German streakers in ‘Roos.The gold market.While we were starting to bundle up in our sweaters this weekend, Dolce and Gabbana gave their latest fashion flip-off to the Italian Technocrats with their gold inspired Spring 2014 catwalk show.

Just Sayin: Why?

Well now it makes sense!For those of you who think we are picking on this girl, we selected the most flattering of the New York Post pics. So, perhaps you guys can help us here at PD noodle this one out. It seems that over the weekend, the New York Post---you know that staple of journalism integrity, treated one of Weiner’s women, not Huma of course, but Sydney Leathers, to a bikini clad photo shoot in the surf.

Why, God, why? There’s so many whys with this.

Round Four: D&G VS. Technocrats

Icing on the D&G libertarian cake."Closed for indignation." We last left the D&G struggle against the self-minted Italian Technocrats, with the designing duo being sentenced to fairly serious jail time and a hefty fine. Well at the end of last week, when Helen Thomas was making her last anti-Semitic (the part of the definition that means Jew) comments, the bureaucracy in Milan made a few off the cuff comments of their own, that resulted in D&G closing their doors for three days.

Memory Lane: Nightie Night Helen Thomas

"Are you a Jew? I will cut you!"Finally, a leopard print we don't like.So over the weekend, about 47% of the PDers playing 10-4-10 got to cross a box off their lists, when the spry beauty queen Helen Thomas settled in for a long dirt nap---at least until the next full moon.

At PD we’re superstitious folks that don’t like to risk speaking ill or too much of the dead, so we’ve decided to let Hezbollah do that for us.

Campaign Courtesan Checks

Oh yeah, this just reeks of sincerity. Again another candidate’s wronged wife was conscripted into the political narrative, under a flurry of the false pretenses of holy matrimony.

The PD staff drew virtual straws recently, because unfortunately the task of examining Anthony Weiner (ugh…examining Weiner’s wiener the innuendo just writes itself…) had to fall on someone. So, provided you’ve had a lite breakfast of plain toast and a cup of Earl Gray, here’s the latest on the New York Mayoral race.

Clinton Couture

This floating face button is only $5, about $1 Canadian. Ready or not, what difference does it make, because Team Clinton is all about 2016.

ReadyForHillary.com went live this week, plugging Union printed wears. What’s the Hillary PAC grand icon, you ask? Hillary’s floating face. Apparently Hillary PAC caught The Great Gatsby in 3D, last month.

No hair, just her face floating, and the words, “Ready for Hillary.” If you’re so ready, where’s Hilary’s signature coif?


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