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Ready For a Sale?

A roundabout way of saying, Hillary 2016.A toast to Benghazi.With water now a luxury on par with champagne, the Ready For Hillary PAC has decided to cut the Progressives of California a break by slashing the prices on their Hillary 2016 campaign glassware.

That’s right, if you hurry on over to their website you will be able to snatch up your very own Hillary Clinton approved set of champagne flutes, whiskey glasses, and for all of the San Fran hipsters, Ready For Hillary even offers Hillary adorned mason jars.


Hipster for Hillary.

All for 50% off sticker!

Whiskey glasses, but unfortunately no Ready For Hillary cigars.

Gone now is the creepy floating face motif, but naturally Ready For Hillary still has more to offer the fans of Lewinsky’s Ex’s wife.

Talk about a facelift.

There is the crazy cat lady cat collar, and Asian Hillary tee.


There is even a #ReadyToDelete line of posters and iPhone covers.

Stock up quick while Hillary remains relevant. 

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  • Guest (candyrawk)

    #readytodelete------------------------love it!

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  • Guest (Connie)

    What happened to the Left's song campaign of "Run run run Elizabeth Warren"? Surely they'd be happy to sale a teepee or two for that cause. Hillary is done.

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  • Guest (Debbie)

    Even though she has announced I still don't think she relevant:D. She should just take Huma and her cane and go home.

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  • Guest (Mafiya)

    Well that is awesome for sale while i can recommend my friend to buy it however It is important while writing the research that one should have the idea of how to write the good research and bestessay.com this site recommended by professor for learning. There are steps which the students have to follow. They can make the research effective while considering these steps.

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