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Just Sayin’: You Might Want to Watch that Plastic Surgery

Just Sayin’: You Might Want to Watch that Plastic Surgery

A nip here, a tuck there, hey---even Ferraris need a little maintenance every now and then....

2017’s Controversial Costumes

2017’s Controversial Costumes

Move over Zombie Castro, the results are in for what the mainstream media has dubbed the most...

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

In keeping up with our Creepy October Mondays, this week PD (using our best Crypt Keeper...

Genius Idea: Cemetery Sex

Genius Idea: Cemetery Sex

If you ever read Fox News, where it’s all female teachers having sex with under-aged students all...

Digital Graves

Digital Graves

Well, it has finally happened, PDers. Welcome to the age of digital graves!

Daash Comes Out Against Alternative Medicine

What a plan.Daash coming out against acupuncture is odd considering how much they love stabbing people with pointy things.We all know that the members of Daash are experts in remodeling, selecting top shelf fair isles, and manscaping, but now apparently they’ve become experts in alternative medicine by beheading those who practice the witchcraft of acupuncture.

Just Sayin’: Kim Jong-Un the Poet

How nice...Really his personality is better suited to the Trump cut.In case you thought the Trump induced back and forth aggression wasn’t psychotic enough, our staff thought we’d check in on our ex-favorite dictator, Mr. Nutso himself, Kim Jong-Un.

Facials Now Dubbed Racial By Universities

“May make you appear racist.”Racist!There’s a new Buyer Beware boilerplate to be added to your jar of Glamglow and other face masks, “May make you appear racist.”


Just Sayin’: Investments Can Vary

A hard truth.Bull sperm can rake in the big bucks…PD has talked about investment opportunities in the past--- derivatives, Boca timeshares, weaves, the ruble, gold grills, nice kicks, the Daash Dinar--- but when it comes to securing you and yours for the future, it’s important to remember the core of what an investment is.

It’s having a product others want.

Just Sayin’: Can Turkish Lemons Bring Peace?

The Russian Winter Drink of Choice.Market goods prevent wars.PD has talked about the amazing things lemons can do for your nails after a good two months use of holiday red, but Vladimir Putin has spared Turkey’s lemon crop from his long list of embargoes for a whole other reason.

The National Russian Winter Drink of Choice: Vodka and lemon.

Genius idea: FDA Hopes to Regulate Your Tan

Tan ban.When the Founding Fathers talked about maximum freedom and personal responsibility, of course that never applied to a seeking out a healthy glow.It’s not only beach bunnies, longing for a touch of Vitamin D, and New Jerseyites that hit up tanning salons in the Winter Season.

15 minutes here and there spent under a UVB light has been proven to help those suffering from skin disorders such as eczema, keratosis, acne and the heartbreak of psoriasis.


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