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Creepy Costume Idea: Auntie Maxine

Creepy Costume Idea: Auntie Maxine

The Wall costume not for you? The cost of feathers too high thanks to the EPA to go as Elizabeth...

Genius Idea: The Cursed Rocks of Gettysburg

Genius Idea: The Cursed Rocks of Gettysburg

This week’s bit of brilliance comes from the US National Park Service and might actually be...

Just Sayin’: You Might Want to Watch that Plastic Surgery

Just Sayin’: You Might Want to Watch that Plastic Surgery

A nip here, a tuck there, hey---even Ferraris need a little maintenance every now and then....

2017’s Controversial Costumes

2017’s Controversial Costumes

Move over Zombie Castro, the results are in for what the mainstream media has dubbed the most...

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

In keeping up with our Creepy October Mondays, this week PD (using our best Crypt Keeper...

Prohibition 2.012 Got You Down?

Vodka, Rum, Scotch--it's all banned, banned, banned.Is it an extreme marketing move by the promotion execs of The Great Gatsby, to get the masses in the 1920’s mood? Is it a way to wipe out the homeless population before the first few freezes do? Is it the Slovakian mob trying to break and push out the Russian mob? Is it the Czech mob trying to cut out the Vietnamese middle man? Is it a Rahm Emanuel meets Cass Sunstein move by the EU to rope the Czech booze market into high tariffs and more regulation? Is it the case of someone buying a poor quality label marker?

Whatever it was, any hard liquor (with all eyes on the main culprit vodka) over 20% is now banned in the Czech Republic and Poland, with more countries expected to come. Worried about what to do with that bottle stashed in the back of your freezer? PD’s got you covered.

Fatherland Friday: OPI's German Collection

The Merkel Effect on OPIHi! Welcome to Fatherland Friday! Don’t worry, PD won’t be making this a tradition.

It seems the old dental geniuses from OPI have come out with a new nail lacquer collection just in time for fall. Not just any collection, mind you, but a German one. Jawohl!

Opulence, wha?! No…

What a bargain! As Fall is now breathing down Summer’s neck, all the fashion powers that be agree that the best way to greet cooler temps is with an Azature Black Diamond manicure. It’s supposedly dubbed to be the world’s most expensive nail polish, but with all of the celebrity 99%ers wearing it at only $250,000 per bottle, PD thinks it’s a real steal.

H&M Wants to Stop Racism One Bottle at a Time

H&M stopping racism today.Personally, PD knows that whenever we think about people combating racism the first group and/or company that pops into our minds is H&M. Oh yeah, through their Conscious Collection, they are saving the planet somehow from carbon, and with their whole Dias de los Muertos AIDS campaign going on---why wouldn’t they want to tackle the scourge of racism?

Banana Face Blast: The How and the Benefits

Bananas, not just for Curious George anymore.It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen, for PD to give you another cheap summer beauty cure. This is a beauty secret that won’t ever be divulged to you over the Ulta counter, and despite that, it can be done anywhere, is super easy to apply, costs barely anything, and works like a Botox maiden’s dream.

In the words of vacuous celebrities circa 2003, it’s absolutely B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Landlocked But Still Want Surf Kissed Tresses?

At least let your hair feel like it's hit the beach.Summer heat and humidity can be rough, especially in landlocked Central Europe. Places in the US Midwest without air conditioning are unheard of, whereas A/C for whatever reason doesn’t seem to translate to Slovakian, leaving fashion worker bees to roast.

Put away that 1%er envy, as always PD’s got you covered with our Beach in a Bottle.


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