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Genius Idea: Call Tourists Terrorists

Genius Idea: Call Tourists Terrorists

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Sweden’s Armed Forces Embraces Rainbow Laces

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Just Sayin’: Over The Iceland Bandwagon

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Faux Tiffanys Causes Costco to Pay Up

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Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Boy Scouts

Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Boy Scouts

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Bee Venom Beauty Review

And beauty?The bees know...Every year there’s a new natural beauty miracle trick that surfaces fresh from Ancient China, Egypt, Sumatra---you get the point. This year venom was all the rage. We’ll give you our snake venom beauty treatment review next week right before Halloween, but for today let’s look at the bee side of things, since you know the bees know.

Spitzer loves his honey rub, but bee venom is currently being touted as the new Botox. If you listen closely you can hear Nancy Pelosi instructing one of her minions to buy a bee plantation.

Bee venom when applied to skin supposedly promotes the body's production of collagen and elastin to smooth, lift and tighten. Melittin, a compound in the venom, also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Here’s what PD found when we tested Bee Venom Essence’s Day and Night Treatment Face Cream:

Our Rating System---

Lame U


Reasonable UUU

Go for it UUUU


The box promises us that, “Synthesized bee venom extracts, bee wax, propolis, royal jelly, pollen and honey, reaffirms (micro-wrinkles), stimulates cell metabolism, moisturize, condition, smooth, and regenerate tissues as well as nourishing the skin. In short its antioxidant and anti-again effects revitalize and purify the facial skin and neck.”

Packaging--- UUU

Smell--- heavy on the old lady musk. U

Feel and look--- mayo in color but not as greasy of a feel, the day and night treatment goes on and absorbs well, with a smooth finish. UUUU

The directions say to, “Apply daily to face and neck morning and night on clean dry skin. Spread with soft circular massages to promote better penetration of the cream.” While that seems like a lot of tedious placebo work, we did it.Bee Venom Essence, 10 Natural Effects.

Effective---this treatment is best used with Benadryl crushed up in your coffee, as moments after it’s applied your throat will tighten and a headache sets in. Whether that’s from the intense old lady smell, the venom itself, or just the thought of the venom after a month of brave application we’re still not sure.

The cream managed to get our skin through the day without drying out, but as far as any wrinkle reduction or other miracle effects those were non-existent. UU

Price---There are similar products out on the market that go for around $200, so this 50ml jar is on the more economical end at about $25. UUU

Overall, this could make a great gift for someone else. Ideally someone adventurous, and not us.

You’re welcome. 

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    The beauty industry is based on an extreme amount of vanity which leads to people using VENOM on themselves.

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