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Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

In a sure sign that it will take a lot more than Ambassador Rodman and an edible bouquet of...

Genius Idea: Tittooing

Genius Idea: Tittooing

While the FDA wants you to think before you ink, the latest trend in tattooing meets cosmetic...

Cantaloupe Beauty

Cantaloupe Beauty

With kale now finally on the outs, the cut-throat beauty community is now looking for a new...

Memory Lane Monday: FTC #ad

Memory Lane Monday: FTC #ad

Big Government is planning on protecting you from waist trainers, flat tummy teas and teeth...

Just Sayin’: Let’s Not Steal the Oxygen Tanks

Just Sayin’: Let’s Not Steal the Oxygen Tanks

It’s not just possible age caps hurting Everest trekkers. Now, it’s a steep increase in oxygen...

Stressed? Let PD Help

Open me.Polling got you stressed? Can’t open your favorite bottle of nail polish? Let PD help.

The Most Horrifying Manicure of the Season…

Ugh...the Obama Dress. A better background would have been red.We wanted to like Katy Perry. We wanted to like Katy Perry in 3D. We looked the other way when she decided to marry douche-bag extraordinaire Russell Brand, and as that imploded it was easier to like her sans Brand. We wanted to pretend she only wore the Obama dress back in 2008 ironically.

Unfortunately, in the words of the famed Mr. Jellineck, “If wishes and buts were clusters of nuts, then we’d all have a bowl of granola.”

We now give you the most the horrifying manicure of the season…the Obama High Five, showcased by Ms. Perry herself.

Manicure Maniacs: Halloween Nail Ideas Part 2

Horrifically fashionable.As All Hallows Eve draws ever closer, do you still find yourself at a loss for some unique manicure ideas? Hey, don’t worry, PD’s got more. Lots more.

Manicure Maniacs: Tasteful Halloween Horror

It's all in the details.If you plan to sport a few spooky jewels and baubles this time of year, how could you possibly neglect a little something mysterious for your nails?

Of course, like with any manicure, you can from extremes which would only be fashionably appropriate if you worked 9 to 5 at a carnival, to understated extremes that can leave others a little puzzled. Here at PD we’re looking for that healthy medium.

Fatherland Friday: OPI's German Collection

The Merkel Effect on OPIHi! Welcome to Fatherland Friday! Don’t worry, PD won’t be making this a tradition.

It seems the old dental geniuses from OPI have come out with a new nail lacquer collection just in time for fall. Not just any collection, mind you, but a German one. Jawohl!

Opulence, wha?! No…

What a bargain! As Fall is now breathing down Summer’s neck, all the fashion powers that be agree that the best way to greet cooler temps is with an Azature Black Diamond manicure. It’s supposedly dubbed to be the world’s most expensive nail polish, but with all of the celebrity 99%ers wearing it at only $250,000 per bottle, PD thinks it’s a real steal.


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