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Genius Idea: Kentucky Derby Bans

Genius Idea: Kentucky Derby Bans

If Churchill Downs is calling to you next weekend for the Kentucky Derby, you might want to brush...

Egypt Tries Again Yet Again

Egypt Tries Again Yet Again

The Charlie Brown of countries, Egypt refuses to give up on collecting that tourist dinar despite...

Just Sayin’: Le Pen Wants France to Eat French

Just Sayin’: Le Pen Wants France to Eat French

Fresh off her second place election showing and prepping for the homestretch next month, Marine...

Summer’s Coming: Erdogan Issues Emergency Hair Removal Decree

Summer’s Coming: Erdogan Issues Emergency Hair Removal Decree

Since last summer’s coup attempt, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been freed by his...

Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Daash

Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Daash

PD hates to kick your off your week with anything dark, pessimistic or chilling, but we do it...

A Sugar Cure for Nail Polish Spills

North Korea best Korea.There’s nothing worse than spilled nail polish…okay, maybe having a maniac dictator in power.Rumors surrounding the North Korean unicorn paradise are nothing new, but our PD staff members in the region recently picked up a good one.

Tyranny Nails: Sochi Olympics Edition

Heir Putin.Brace yourself, the winter of hate is coming...next year.That great uniter of the world---no, not busy Barack, we’re talking about the lauded Olympics, that great organization that brings the world together every few years to sponsor the gods of Nike.

Long term PDers may recall the hubbub that surfaced last August, when we dared to speak the truth about just how lame the Olympics really are. The fire and brimstone unleashed on us from good world collectivists citizens is still down in the record books as more than we’ve ever received from the Mexican drug cartels, Muslim Brotherhood, and the New Black Panther Party combined. Apparently lemmings love them some bread and circuses.

TSA: Nerve Gas –er- Beauty Supplies Panic

Seems legit. Should we salute? Last Sunday was quite tense for the TSA at John F. Kennedy International Airport, when their zeal to gently pilfer through your packages, led to some spilled nail polish remover.

Naturally the customs officials, having not grown up with sisters, immediately assumed it was some type of nerve gas and fell over.

Political Frustration Nailed

It feels like a throwing chairs kind of year, doesn't it?We might have mentioned that it’s still only January, and well, ingesting any type of news media at this point already has the majority of the PD staff on edge. That smattering of Debbie Wasserman Schultz also didn’t help much.

Therefore the staff got together, and decided we needed to give you loyal PDers something, anything that could help alleviate the stress in your life. Then it hit us. What’s more frustrating than spending an hour on the perfect manicure only to smudge it on your way out the door?

Chalk Lines: MATTE Nails to Combat Glitz

Give it a try.Sick of all of that sparkle, glitz, and shine from the holidays and last season? Ready to give into the dull-drums of January? Well, PD has a way to dull things down on the cheap, without being boring.

Interested in the chalking look of MATTE nail polishes, but don’t want to commit to the price tag of a full bottle? As always, PD’s got you covered.

Stressed? Let PD Help

Open me.Polling got you stressed? Can’t open your favorite bottle of nail polish? Let PD help.


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