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Inspired XMAS Manicures

Embrace the little things while they are still there.Have a candy cane before Michelle Antoinette bans them.In the past, PD has presented you guys with great ideas scavenged from the depths of the interwebs for Halloween inspired nails, but what about Christmas? Surely, with all that is wrong with the EPA, IRS, and the other ten thousand acronyms linked to the Obama Administration, a festive manicure could do wonders to boost one’s spirits…right?

In that case as always, PD has you covered.

We’ll start with these amazing We Three Kings nails.


Now that’s a holiday manicure!

Time consuming? Definitely. Worth it? Absolutely.

Have any of our non-British PDers ever had Christmas pudding?

Charlotte Olympia put English Christmas puddings back on the map last year, and there they’ve stayed. You can go simplistic with the look above, or strive for a little bling below. Both camp looks embody the concept of fun---a term those awake to tyranny rarely use.

Better to make the accent nail your ring finger as opposed to your middle.

Are you usually into the boardroom uniform of a French manicure? Then the below look is one you might migrate to.

Make your tape do double duty, by doing your nails and wrapping your gifts.

Red with green tips, and a reverse accent nail, this whole look can be done in no time flat. If you’ve already been hitting the eggnog (and who can blame you with the UN mandating 2014 to be the Year of Palestine) and fear you won’t have a steady hand, you can always use tape to get those perfect lines.

The accent nail on this one though is less than impressive.

Speaking of lines, how do you feel about these candy cane inspired stripes?

A touch of candy cane inspiration.

If green is a bit too much for you, then there’s always classic red.

The swirl look just takes practice.

Or red swirl.

A hint of green and lots of gold.

If the swirl look feels too ambitious, again using tape you can get the above look in a snap.

Was Burl Ives a communist?

This month, you’ll find PD is going to be especially big on the Burl Ives classic, “Silver and Gold.” This manicure fits that motif to a perfect ‘T’ and if you find you’re not a holly artist you can always opt for holiday nail stickers. Be sure to add a clear top coat to keep the stickers from peeling prematurely.

White nails should also be big come Spring.

If you like the holly idea, then these holly tips on white are a great twist.

With just a touch of red.

You can always embrace the green of the holly leaves for this look.

Happy Birthday!

Are you really in desperate need of a dose of whimsy this year? Try this Frosty on blue approach.

Don’t forget the clear top coat.

In a hurry? Then go pop some stickers on blue for a similar effect.

Last, but not least.

Not sure about the above looks? Need to keep everything on the business level? Try the manicure above. At first look, everything is on the up and up with the red, but the pop of gold on the second glance pulls the manicure together in a pleasant, yet professional holiday look.

You’re welcome.

Which manicure do you like the best, and which do you think you’ll most likely be courting this season? 

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  • Guest (Paige)

    The last one is by far my fav.

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  • Guest (Derimar)

    Green holly is nice, but I think it's a bit too out there for me to pull off.

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  • Guest (Jaju)

    The "We 3 Kings" is incredible, but aint nobody got time fo that. :)

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  • Guest (Flowilla)

    I like the basic candy cane one.

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