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Genius Idea: Fines For Tourist Harassers

Genius Idea: Fines For Tourist Harassers

Egypt has had no shortage of brilliance lately, and this week’s is no different.

Topless in Switzerland

Topless in Switzerland

We know that PD has a reputation of being somewhat depressing, but we can honestly say it’s going...

Move Over Unicorns, It’s All about the Balloons

Move Over Unicorns, It’s All about the Balloons

Jeffree Starr and Jerrod Blandino might not have realized the unicorn look actually traces itself...

Just Sayin’: Victoria Secret and Turkey Not Riding the Waves Well

Just Sayin’: Victoria Secret and Turkey Not Riding the Waves Well

A company almost having it worse than any Sharm el Sheikh resort these days, has to be Victoria’s...

Memory Lane Monday: National Park Pledge

Memory Lane Monday: National Park Pledge

Remember all of those family vacations from your childhood spent crammed into the back of the...

Valentine’s Kiss: How to Get the Jello Stain

This stain is on the cheap side, at 50 cents per box.Still not sold on the other lip products we’ve reviewed? Feeling the tickle tick tock of Valentine’s Day coming tomorrow? Don’t worry, as always PD has you covered.

Skip the balms, the butters, and the lipsticks, in favor of a quick Jello D.I.Y. stain.

Valentine’s Kiss: YSL Rouge Volupté

YSL Rouge Volupté.Valentine’s is still a few days out, and we’re on our third lip product trial, the lustrous and über expensive YSL Rouge Volupté.

Does YSL even need an introduction? Haute couture now transferred to Gucci, designer of the ultimate woman’s take on the tux, gold packaging, and a power house since the 1960’s. Despite Yves Saint Laurent, the company’s founder and namesake, passing in 2008, the brand is still going strong and steady.

Valentine’s Kiss: Janecka Collection’s Lip Blooms Review

Lip Blooms.The quest for the perfect lip lock product to use this Valentine’s Day continues on, as we look at the Janecka Collection’s Lip Blooms.

Valentine’s Kiss: Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain Review

A whole slew of colors, if you push hard enough.Looking for that perfect lip product to get your pout prepped for those Valentine’s Day lip-locks? PD’s got you covered with our Valentine’s Kiss series, where we showcase the new, old, classic, and inventive lip products.

To start us off, we looked into the raved about Just Bitten lip stain by Revlon. The bar was set by Revlon’s promise that, “This unique 2-in-1 gives you kiss-proof color with soft shine and a nourishing balm for supreme comfort.”

A Little Eye Sparkle Never Hurt Anyone

This is a bit too Lisa Frank. Fortunately the Gabriella Salvate eyeliner isn’t anywhere near this.In our Volume 1: Eyeliner History Exposé, we learned about how kajal was used in ancient times to ward off the evil eye and UVA. While us ladies may no longer need eyeliner to protect against the evil eye (well, maybe in Detroit), we do feel a slight addiction to Gabriella Salvete’s Glitter Eyeliner.

Hey There, Sugar Lips!

Hey, Sugar Lips!Wanting to spread some holiday cheer and H1N1, but worried about looking like your Gram-Gram with your lipstick more on your pearly whites than your pout? As always, PD’s got you covered.


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