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Ebola: The CDC Exhibit

Ebola: The CDC Exhibit

Looking for a great date night idea? Well, if you are in the Atlanta area, the CDC would like...

Just Sayin’:  Il Pesto è Bueno

Just Sayin’: Il Pesto è Bueno

Sure, a TSA agent at Orlando International Airport did just try to take off with a wade of a...

Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of---Round Two

Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of---Round Two

It’s that time of the month, when we present you with three quotes from a figure of history and...

Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

In a sure sign that it will take a lot more than Ambassador Rodman and an edible bouquet of...

Genius Idea: Tittooing

Genius Idea: Tittooing

While the FDA wants you to think before you ink, the latest trend in tattooing meets cosmetic...

Memory Lane Monday: Weaves in the Suburbs

Creative license?As always, beauty supply stores are hit hardest when social justice comes to town.To start off this week, we’re going to set the record straight that apparently it’s not just American Olympic swimmers that lie, but news networks too.

Just Sayin’: Black Magic Carries Jail Time

Promise.It’s been a long fight with genies and witches for those worshippers of Allah.Sure, there will be quite a bit of black magic in Philadelphia this week courtesy of the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s hairstylist, but in places like Saudi Arabia bathroom email servers the dark arts are considered to be criminal acts.

Hollande’s Hairstylist

Quite a costly combover.Worth it?No one is more bougie than a socialist, and before France’s État d'urgence was extended yet again for another 3 months (until the next terrorist attack takes out another 70+ people and it’s upped again) President Hollande’s $11,000 per month hairdresser brought some outrage.

Just Sayin’: El Presidente Likes the Natural Look

Soon to be banned. Who says that country is about to collapse? Look at all of those highlighters! They can’t be that bad off.Apparently 3-day weekends aren’t enough to help the beauty of central planning as Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro just announced that honestly, women are prettier when they don’t use electricity.

Just Sayin’: Kim Jong-Un the Poet

How nice...Really his personality is better suited to the Trump cut.In case you thought the Trump induced back and forth aggression wasn’t psychotic enough, our staff thought we’d check in on our ex-favorite dictator, Mr. Nutso himself, Kim Jong-Un.

Just Sayin’: Investments Can Vary

A hard truth.Bull sperm can rake in the big bucks…PD has talked about investment opportunities in the past--- derivatives, Boca timeshares, weaves, the ruble, gold grills, nice kicks, the Daash Dinar--- but when it comes to securing you and yours for the future, it’s important to remember the core of what an investment is.

It’s having a product others want.


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