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Creepy Costume Idea: Auntie Maxine

Creepy Costume Idea: Auntie Maxine

The Wall costume not for you? The cost of feathers too high thanks to the EPA to go as Elizabeth...

Genius Idea: The Cursed Rocks of Gettysburg

Genius Idea: The Cursed Rocks of Gettysburg

This week’s bit of brilliance comes from the US National Park Service and might actually be...

Just Sayin’: You Might Want to Watch that Plastic Surgery

Just Sayin’: You Might Want to Watch that Plastic Surgery

A nip here, a tuck there, hey---even Ferraris need a little maintenance every now and then....

2017’s Controversial Costumes

2017’s Controversial Costumes

Move over Zombie Castro, the results are in for what the mainstream media has dubbed the most...

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

Memory Lane Monday: Tajikistan Texts

In keeping up with our Creepy October Mondays, this week PD (using our best Crypt Keeper...

Genius Idea: EU Seeks to Ban Hairdryers that Work

Just look for the oppression label. First, they came for the refrigerator and I said nothing. Then they came for my blow dryer and I was nothing. Who could have predicted that hitching your horse to the EU cart would mean you would have to say goodbye to your blow dryer, vacuum, and any other appliance with enough wattage to actually do something other than buzz?

Poolside Blonde Beauty Fix: Ketchup

What could go wrong?Everything goes better with a little ketchup.If the thought of BRICs fully abandoning the US greenback leaves you in a cationic state of stress where the only antidote is a day by the pool, then don’t worry, all you platinum blondes out there can hit the pool without the dreaded aftermath of green tinted locks.

Hey, the news of the day may be bad, but here at PD, we’ve always got you covered.

World Cup Hair Twist

Keep those coffee grounds too in order to keep ants and ticks away.South American gold.Today is the official kickoff (Brazil versus Croatia---somebody bring the valium) of yet another taxpayer funded get rich quick government con game that usually results with a few whistle-blowers cemented under each goal post and overall shoddy seating--- that’s right, it’s World Cup time.

A Lock of Bonaparte

Bad student Hitler. Would you really want a snip off that mane?Are you a big Bonaparte buff? Well, PD has some great news for you if you are looking to expand your collection of historical curios.

Stop Static Trick

Static pup.Static happens to the worst of us.Is the extra something something in the Spring air putting your hair on permanent frizz mode? Are you more static than man at this point? Don’t worry, as always PD’s got you covered.

Egg Beauty

Grumpy Cat on the Easter Bunny.Need an egg fix?Eggs aren’t just an integral part of a complete Bernays breakfast. In fact, no matter what your hair type eggs can work wonders with your mane.

The natural moisturizer otherwise known as the protein packed yolk, coupled with the bacteria fighting white make for one hell of a monthly, PD tested and approved, hair beauty tip.


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