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Slippery Slope on Swastikas

Slippery Slope on Swastikas

Aside from a pair of Christian Louboutins, most people do not give a lot of thought to the look...

Just Sayin’: Memes Aren’t That Important

Just Sayin’: Memes Aren’t That Important

In the latest Social Justice Warrior makeup outrage, for once it’s Tarte Cosmetics up on the...

Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

With Germany going to vote for Angela Merkel as leader of the Fatherland for the fourth time in...

Genius Idea: Slides For Men Not Women

Genius Idea: Slides For Men Not Women

Let’s finish up Summer 2017, with this little bit of genius from Germany’s Galaxy Water Park,...

Bikini Rights

Bikini Rights

You wouldn’t think that the right to wear a bikini would be eroded under a Trump Administration,...

Haute Rain Boots for Politicians

David Cameron, here to save the day!Haute boots to see the downtrodden.Tis the season for flood tourists, i.e. government officials clad in Savile Row suites and Wellingtons that descend upon the peasants for a campaign photo op.

Do not be mistaken though, flood tourists are not limited to the United Kingdom. No, in fact they manage to spring up everywhere a tragedy can be exploited.

April showers bring May voters? Isn’t that how the old adage goes?

Vibram 5 Fingers and the Law

The Austin Police Chief Art Acevdeo.They do come in a whole slew of colors and camo. There’s nothing worse than the State wrecking the zen of a good outdoor run, but if it’s the end of the month when ticket quotas are due then just accept it’s going to happen.

An Austinite got nabbed by the long flabby arm of the law for jay-running in her 5 Fingers recently, prompting the Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo to joke about his officers’ rough manhandling of this girl just trying to get it in.

Lackluster Luxury: Belgian Boots

A.F. Vandevorst does have an eccentric window display though.With 30,000 man hours, one might conclude that this firm isn't great at time management.In yet another clear cut case of something not being worth the steep price, the Belgian firm A.F. Vandevorst unveiled a pair of calfskin boots with a $3.19 million price tag in Hong Kong this month.

Genius Ideas Galore

Can’t stop vomiting. Sugar, now with warning labels. Let’s face it, there are waaaaaay too many genius ideas out there in the world for only one weekly PD segment, but we know that if we went with more than one, eh---we might as well just change our name from Political Dresser to Political Depression.

Don’t worry, that’s definitely not something we want to do.

Valentine’s Day Boons

Nothing says love like a 90's flashback.Our type of feminism: bullets the great equalizer. Last year, our staff dug into the blood and guts history of this month’s celebration of love and all things pink, and since even Dear Leader has declared that one should not forget to mark the date, we decided that this year we’d help our PDers out by offering up a few Valentine’s Day gift suggestions.

January Stock Up: 2014

Bug out in style, baby.A partially expired pain pill is better than no pill at all.Okay, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again, when we advise you to brave the roving flash mobs in order to do a January stock up. The sales are finally ripe, though with the sixth recovery winter (or is it seventh?) they are not nearly as deep or on as much as in the past.

Of that lot of course, after the mob of 400 (ethnicity not reported so take a wild guess---oh you got it) had their way (looting, ransacking, getting in a few rounds of Knockout) with the Brooklyn Mall, most stores are fairly picked over; nevertheless we still have a few ideas for you.


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