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Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Lately, when he isn’t forcing Katy Perry to confess her worst sins (that Obama dress back in the...

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Tired of your usual Netflix lineup of murder documentaries, and Housewives of Gibraltar? Well,...

Vacation Like a Nazi

Vacation Like a Nazi

Supposing the fashion adage of what is old is new carries over to travel, why not vacation like a...

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

Egypt might be trying to blot out their last two revolutions from high school history books, but...

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Those in the FDA are not the only ones that want you to think twice before you tattoo.

Secret Weapon: Wedges

7 inches above the street is better than 3.7 inches above the street is better than 3.While traveling opens you up to amazing new people and different cultures, it also opens you up to very different takes on sanitation.

Ban Fest 2014: The Kremlin Wants Your Heels

Bans coming to your closet.Summer Heels Perfection: A little mad, lots of neon and high-high-high.Last year, PD brought you news that the next step for world governments’ grasp on tyranny would be to expand their ban-a-palzooa to high heels, and well, thanks to the A Just Russia Party (Справедливая Россия) the Kremlin is on their way.

The New American Worker

Of course, overnight lines for J’s is nothing new, but a full week really deserves a slow clap for the Obama Administration. The new American worker.It might seem like we’re hard on the Obama Administration most of the time, but really, the PD Staff has to give him his due.

As promised on the 2008 campaign trail, Barack sure has fundamentally changed America.

Haute Rain Boots for Politicians

David Cameron, here to save the day!Haute boots to see the downtrodden.Tis the season for flood tourists, i.e. government officials clad in Savile Row suites and Wellingtons that descend upon the peasants for a campaign photo op.

Do not be mistaken though, flood tourists are not limited to the United Kingdom. No, in fact they manage to spring up everywhere a tragedy can be exploited.

April showers bring May voters? Isn’t that how the old adage goes?

Vibram 5 Fingers and the Law

The Austin Police Chief Art Acevdeo.They do come in a whole slew of colors and camo. There’s nothing worse than the State wrecking the zen of a good outdoor run, but if it’s the end of the month when ticket quotas are due then just accept it’s going to happen.

An Austinite got nabbed by the long flabby arm of the law for jay-running in her 5 Fingers recently, prompting the Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo to joke about his officers’ rough manhandling of this girl just trying to get it in.

Lackluster Luxury: Belgian Boots

A.F. Vandevorst does have an eccentric window display though.With 30,000 man hours, one might conclude that this firm isn't great at time management.In yet another clear cut case of something not being worth the steep price, the Belgian firm A.F. Vandevorst unveiled a pair of calfskin boots with a $3.19 million price tag in Hong Kong this month.


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