J’s on Dead Men’s Feet

They do realize that simply wearing Air Jordans won’t automatically get ‘em six championship rings, right? Aren’t they a bit…feminine? What with the hair tie bauble knockers and purple?Add another pair to the pile of kicks to kill for, as the need to snatch up a pair of Air Jordan V Bel Airs (you know, those named after the Fresh Prince himself) left three shot in Delaware.

Side note: Does that sound like a 1960’s folk song or what?

The long line of those anxious to get like Mike Will Made It by having a pair of j’s on their feet outside of a Sneaker Villa outlet, in Wilmington, finally erupted in gunfire around 5:30 a.m.

An argument ensued between three men over which one of them was the most devout to their freshies and Jordan Culture, causing one to show his credentials by shooting the other two.

Taking a bullet in addition to those debaters was the person first in line--- a 22 year old woman.Who says the masses don’t have priorities?

Unfazed and not to be dissuaded by a little manslaughter, the rest of the crowd didn’t budge from their positions in the queue. It’s unclear whether the crowd was high on purp at the time.

By the way, the sneakers sold out in fifteen minutes. 

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  • Guest (intheblazer)

    Purp? I feel so old. What is that?

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  • Guest (Byron)

    Purp is used for two things from drug culture. 1-MJ that has purple fuzz on it. 2-A drink mixing vodka and cough syrup. Or it's a gay shout out.

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  • Guest (Scotch)

    I don't get the appeal of these Chinese produced kid shoes. It does work though that moron gang bangers wear them. imo

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  • Guest (Senator)

    AHHH!!! Miley even here on PD?!!! Say it isn't so!:(

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