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Genius Idea: Getting Creative with Your Real Estate Posting

Genius Idea: Getting Creative with Your Real Estate Posting

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Flying Through DTW? Skip the Soap

Flying Through DTW? Skip the Soap

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Slippery Slope on Swastikas

Slippery Slope on Swastikas

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Just Sayin’: Memes Aren’t That Important

Just Sayin’: Memes Aren’t That Important

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Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

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Just Askin’: Why Shouldn’t Aborigines Be Able to Purchase a Chanel Boomerang?

Chanel kicks.Triggered.Apparently, after calling Too Faced to the colorful carpet last month, Jeffree Star’s social media accounts are the new CNN, because his recent post of a Chanel boomerang circa 2005, triggered social justice warriors on every continent (yes, even Antarctica--- those “woke” penguins were pissed).

As with every other story like this, after being slapped with labels of cultural appropriators and racists (remarkably, given the Company Founder Coco Chanel’s history, anti-Semitic wasn’t among the labels), the design house was forced to apologize for their decade old $1,325 boomerang.

“Chanel is extremely committed to respecting all cultures, and regrets that some may have felt offended. The inspiration was taken from leisure activities from other parts of the world, and it was not our intention to disrespect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and the significance of the boomerang as a cultural object.”

Turning down the volume of the furor and bougie blood-lust for a second, why is that social justice warriors believe that aborigines don’t deserve to have a Chanel boomerang, either as a showpiece or as a luxury dinner winner?Aren't we taught that a little Chanel goes with everything?

What have people like Bess Price, the former MP for the Liberal Country Party, done to exclude herself and brethren from the joy which stems from a piece of Chanel, a joy which is afforded to other cultures?

Why do social justice warriors deem that aborigines aren’t good enough for Chanel wares?

Just askin’. 

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    I can never tell how serious you are...

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    So for the left there can be no inspiration or paying homage nothing?

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