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Just Sayin’:  Il Pesto è Bueno

Just Sayin’: Il Pesto è Bueno

Sure, a TSA agent at Orlando International Airport did just try to take off with a wade of a...

Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of---Round Two

Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of---Round Two

It’s that time of the month, when we present you with three quotes from a figure of history and...

Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

In a sure sign that it will take a lot more than Ambassador Rodman and an edible bouquet of...

Genius Idea: Tittooing

Genius Idea: Tittooing

While the FDA wants you to think before you ink, the latest trend in tattooing meets cosmetic...

Cantaloupe Beauty

Cantaloupe Beauty

With kale now finally on the outs, the cut-throat beauty community is now looking for a new...

Memory Lane Monday: Candidates and Coups

A humanitarian crisis in Turkey? Uh, yeah.Change can happen in an instant.Another week after the “coup” in Turkey, and President Erdogan, while demanding that US President Barack Obama prove their butt-buddy status by extraditing Fethullah Gulen to Istanbul, has closed 1,000 private schools, 35 hospitals, 1,200 charities and 19 trade unions.

Real Genius Idea: Standing Up For Principles

Cruz.So much bedazzling. Headline after headline on almost every media outlet from those run out of a Baghdadi basement to the Long Island ones have been quick to proclaim Senator Ted Cruz’s RNC speech (dubbed by them as career suicide) to be the dumbest thing done since hair crimping.

Well, naturally, as always at PD we disagree with that narrative.

Coup Update: Erdogan’s State of Emergency

Obama’s first call went to Erdogan.The coup.Letting out his inner Frenchmen, President (are we sure his title wasn’t changed to Supreme Glorious One?) Erdogan just declared a State of Emergency for the next 3 months.

Just Sayin’: Women’s Liberation--- Saudi Style

Ike.Passports for women without a male escort? Wow! Freedom!Gather up your garters, because we’d swear you’d think it was the year 1920 instead of just 2016 in Saudi Arabia, with all of the talk about the broad strokes of freedom maybe, possibly being bestowed on the women of the Kingdom.

Memory Lane Monday: Morsi Menudo Madness

Cash flow Obama.Not anymore.Remember back when the Obama Administration’s propaganda machine worked overtime to convince the West that Mohamed Morsi was cooler than Menudo?

Just Sayin’: Huzzah! Dutch Woman Pardoned After Being Raped in Qatar!

Radical maybe?What happens on vacation should always be kept from Qatari Authorities…The country that Al Gore and his charkas sold Current TV to has seen it in their supreme wisdom to cut 9 months off the year prison sentence, marking it as just time served, for a Dutch woman whose crime was actually reporting her rape to the Qatari Authorities.


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