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Just Sayin’:  Il Pesto è Bueno

Just Sayin’: Il Pesto è Bueno

Sure, a TSA agent at Orlando International Airport did just try to take off with a wade of a...

Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of---Round Two

Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of---Round Two

It’s that time of the month, when we present you with three quotes from a figure of history and...

Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

In a sure sign that it will take a lot more than Ambassador Rodman and an edible bouquet of...

Genius Idea: Tittooing

Genius Idea: Tittooing

While the FDA wants you to think before you ink, the latest trend in tattooing meets cosmetic...

Cantaloupe Beauty

Cantaloupe Beauty

With kale now finally on the outs, the cut-throat beauty community is now looking for a new...

Michelle Conyers: New Black Panther Party Sweetheart A Vision in White

Michelle Conyers: New Black Panther Party Sweetheart A Vision in WhiteDon't tell me they be closin' Dunkin' Donuts!

Getting a little excited on a conference call with fellow New Black Panther Party members a few weeks ago, Michelle Conyers alias Michelle Williams (friends tell PD she had a real thing for Heath) inadvertently ending up making headlines, which she found herself having to back track from.

Now, full disclosure: We here can perfectly understand Michelle getting carried away when discussing what those pink people, those honkies, those crackers, those pigs were about to get once she decided to get her booty out of bed. What hypocritical racist wouldn’t find themselves grand standing a bit?

What Would You Wear into a Ring of Fire?

What Would You Wear into a Ring of Fire?Palin channels the Late Great Johnny Cash.

Never has another politician undergone as much scrutiny and criticism for their wardrobe, then the Tea Party’s darling.

The pressure was on earlier this month, as the Media Stream Media dubbed it, “Round 2, Katie vs. Sarah,” for former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin to shock and awe with her wardrobe choice.

Palin made the move she’s best at: outsider. Sporting black jeans, a black button down, stacked heels, a black bedazzled belt, and an American flag pin, a fighting fit Sarah Palin looked so far off the fashion grid, it was refreshing. Her beliefs and policies don’t match the NYC Cloward and Piven Gucci norms.

While she told Today Host and part-time Liberal queue-ball, Matt Lauer that she didn’t “mean to go all Johnny Cash,” we here at PD beg to differ. She meant to, and who better to immolate than the Man in Black?

Check out Johnny Cash's performance here, and just try to tell us we're wrong. Just try.

Galliano's Fall From Grace

The uber sane Galliano.A Year Later: John Galliano’s Fall from Grace

A year ago, the fashion world was rocked by the surfacing of a video of Dior’s head designer on his “drunken” anti-Semitic soap box. Fast-forward through months of fashion talking head shock, a step down from Dior, and a €6,000 fine from a French court, and we arrive to the present day.

My position on this guy has been the same throughout the case: Look. At. Him.

How can you be shocked that this guy said something anti-Semitic? His wardrobe doesn’t exactly scream, “Mentally stable.” In fact, his duds scream, “Crazy cat-lady pirate.”

A person wearing threads like that would have to say things that are battle-axe-welding-nuts.

The only shocking thing about this is the startled, surprised responses from the haute couture fashion community, including numerous Jewish every hitters. Seriously?! Come on!

Update: Daddy J’s Club Closed

Update: Daddy J’s Club Closed99%ers Jay Z and Warren Buffet at the re-opening of 40/40.

Attention all wannabe libs and hanger’s on the Hollywood left, cancel your New York trip. 40/40 has just been closed! What’s Keith Olbermann to do?

2012 is off to a rather busy start, for the parents of Blue Ivy. Not only has Mommy Dearest unleashed her Obama Propaganda Tee on the tween world, but Daddy J, days after celebrating the reopening of his New York Club, was just forced to close the doors on his club yet again, due to health club violations.

Princess of Zuccotti Park

Beyonce's contribution to Obama 2012.The more hair-sprayed half of Jay Z’s (I refuse to put in any real effort into researching their “real” last name), Beyoncé Knowles has had a rather busy week. Apart from the couple shelling out over a $1 million to show their solidary with Occupy Wallstreet by staging their own version of Occupy the Hospital for the birth of their first offspring , Blue Ivy, Mrs. Knowles has far more on the burner.

Now most of the market cash registers rags, this week will be focusing on the blessed child’s moniker, which we all know won’t possibly result in years of therapy bills, but the only member of Destiny’s Child that people can remembers real news comes in the unveiling of her Elect Obama 2012 tee.

For only a mere $45, you will be able to parade yourself around as Princess of Zuccotti Park, in your very own tee.

Geek Not the New Chic

Rick Santorum modeling his sweater vest.In the one corner, you have a bedazzled Beyoncé designing a clichéd tee for the Krout incumbent, and in the other you have Rick Santorum peddling his now trademarked sweater vests.

Now, I enjoy self-deprecating humor, just as much as the average Joe Keg, but this just might be a little over the edge.


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