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Memory Lane Monday: Vladentines Day

What is love? Love is OPEC promising $200 a barrel oil.Such a lovely and yet creepy sentiment.Ready for Vladentines Day?

With oil being so low, you might think that Vladimir Putin is having trouble on the Russian home front, but according to RT and anyone still alive in the Moscow Media, Russians still love their cuddle bug Putin---and he loves them.

In fact, when he isn’t releasing tigers into China, helping gooselings take flight, and playing a twisted game of Red Rover with Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is talking about love.

On November 7th of 2014, Vladimir Putin decided to turn his speech at the Russian Geographical Society (which owns just one globe that is elegantly covered with a Russian flag) into a love ballad.

Really, quit.

"The meaning of our whole life and existence is love. It is love to the family, to the children, to the motherland. This phenomenon is complicated, it lies at the heart of any of our behaviors."

Just not the type of love between a man and man, or a man and a killer pair of stilettos, are we right?

There goes our cornflakes and coffee.

Besides going back to the whole oil thing, Putin shouldn’t stress too much, because last Friday, Abdulla al-Badri, OPEC's Secretary General, just sent the Russian leader quite the Vladentines Day card, which said he sees oil at about $200 per barrel in the near future.

Getting real and coming through your border.

Somebody pass the Russell Stovers

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    Vlad is all about love---love everyone else's natural resources.

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    He's a peach.

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