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NPS: Black Friday Free Admission

NPS: Black Friday Free Admission

Don’t need a third waffle iron? Not in the mood to hip-check your fellow citizens? Great, because...

Just Sayin’: Let Zimbabwe Take a Moment To Celebrate

Just Sayin’: Let Zimbabwe Take a Moment To Celebrate

After more than three decades (still not as long as Michigan’s John Conyers has been in Congress)...

2017: Gold Decadence

2017: Gold Decadence

While the Ramallah catwalks are embracing the recycled look with duds made from old newspapers...

Memory Lane Monday: Lagerfeld on Merkel

Memory Lane Monday: Lagerfeld on Merkel

The Outraged Class has forgotten about Donna Karan’s tips on risqué fashion, in favor of putting...

Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Since our PD Book Club pick for the this month is To Kill a Mocking Bird, our staff felt that we...

June Recap: The Warm Embrace of Apathy

Illegal now in most states.Maybe if we invested into some more metal...There isn’t enough cold brew in all the world to make this month of extreme Statism in the news cycle palatable. Come on, in all honesty, we can’t be the only ones that have tuned out for June…right?

You know, it probably could have been news of Marie Harf’s promotion which kicked off this month that brought on this intense malaise.

Or perhaps our staff did it to ourselves with back to back Memory Lanes on population control pushers. That’s hardly an uplifting line, even though all of their bullshit dire predictions turned out to be just that, bullshit.Yet they'd rather have you dead.

The TSA barely wowed us with their negligence this month when it was finally revealed that those nifty security badges terrorists are sure to covet often go missing…at the tune of 1,400 badges at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport alone. Really, the TSA incompetent? Wasn’t that established from day one?

Of course, Agenda 21 came back (well, it never left but---) in big ways this June, and between subway manspread and garbage yoga in Time Square the East Coast was even less appealing than usual.

Seriously! Your choice of facial cleanser is your business.Maybe our staff is just feeling defeated, because the microbeads in our favorite Clarins cleanser have been banned by Big Government.

Even with Up From Slavery as our PD Book Club pick, there was still way too much Al Sharpton this month, and not nearly enough Booker T. Washington.There was waaaaay too much Sharpton.

In fact, we didn’t even get close to touching the media’s jihad against Christianity the Confederate flag. Right, the Confederate flag is the problem with America. Again, we ruled there wasn’t enough cold brew or sarcasm on the planet for any of our staff to get through that one.

It just wasn’t going to happen.

If only...Despite all of our cures against the annoyances of summer, SCOTUS struck again too.

Then last week everyone paraded around in rainbow G-strings and Y-fronts (in more Conservative areas) as the great gods of SCOTUS gave permission for natural life choices, few grasping that this permission was actually just another cementing of tyranny.Note the distinction.

Cool, love really wins when it’s what the State wants, right?

Okay, ready for the picture summary of how much the Statists have squawked and celebrated June 2015?

Here it goes:


SCOTUS did what? Okay then.

We know apathy in the face of tyranny isn’t the solution, but every now and then everyone could use a break...and maybe a new pair of kicks.There are not enough shoes in all the world to make politics right.

That said, bring on the foreskin facials of July! Let’s get this going. 

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  • Guest (chelmsford)

    Yes! I empathize completely! Yesterday I heard the SCOTUS ruling on voter ID and I just turned everything off. Sometimes you just need to keep it all at arm's length and have a BIG drink.:D:p;)

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  • Guest (Loris)

    Same! @chelmsford

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  • Guest (icee47)

    What about the beaches of Tunisia?

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  • Guest (upik)

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