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Genius Idea: Air India’s Customer Service

Genius Idea: Air India’s Customer Service

At a time when airline customer service seems to be an archaic concept, Air India, ever the...

Too Many Holidays

Too Many Holidays

Today’s 4/20, and after Easter on Monday, Earth Day over the weekend and Witch Burning Day the...

Adidas and Pepsi Competing to Be New Coke

Adidas and Pepsi Competing to Be New Coke

So far 2017 seems to be the year where top and semi-top tier companies vie to win the PR label of...

Just Sayin’: Auntie Maxine’s Denim

Just Sayin’: Auntie Maxine’s Denim

If you’re stuck on the title of this article, don’t be---apparently, it’s a thing. Yes, those...

Memory Lane Monday: Mademoiselle and Ehrlich

Memory Lane Monday: Mademoiselle and Ehrlich

Sure, today might be Easter, but Earth Day is also this week and every Progressive knows that...

Daash Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Talk about a “hatchet” job.  Available in ebook for all your jihadi fashion needs.While you and yours might have found yourselves snowed in today, the Anna Wintour of the terror world, Daash has already released their fashion edicts for wreaking havoc in the coming warmer weather.

Their annual advice booklet, The Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen and Small Cells (dare we say the Daash Spring/Summer Lookbook?) features some great pearls of wisdom for those lone jihadists looking to really make an impact in their local area.

Memory Lane Monday: Kippahs Just For Israel?

Not even the Boy Scouts are ready for what's coming.Kippahs come in 8+ different fabrics, and slew of varying designs.Do you recall how much heat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took last February, when he told his Jewish brethren that maybe Europe wasn’t the safest place for them?

Well, now those that raked him over the coals are starting to think that Bibi just might have been onto something.

Ryan’s Beard Adds 1,340,797,180,000£

Every omnibus comes with a heavy cost.Smile! It’s a Big Government win!Whichever adviser convinced new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to embrace 2012’s beard should definitely be fired, as that look’s attempt at macho has just added $2 Trillion to America’s debt.

Talk about a costly fashion mistake.

Just Sayin’ Genius Idea: Go To Court Over Being Likened to Gollum

If you say so.The offending memes. When it comes to thin scaly skin Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the poster boy for pussy, which is something fairly interesting when supposedly this guy has balls enough to go up against Putin.

Memory Lane Monday: Looting A Civic Duty

Let #BlackLivesMatter explain it to you.DeRay McKesson, a man that rawks the Shabazzy vest more than Shabazzy. Hey, with the madness that has become of Black Fridays Matter and Chicago’s take on the Harlem Shake Ferguson, for this Monday PD thought we’d examine the mental gymnastics that go into looting with a little help from a self-proclaimed American Civil Rights activist, the one and only, DeRay McKesson.

Seriously: Santa Claus Elected to North Pole City Council

Santa at war. What happens when he goes to the polls? Mr. Santa Claus.A decade ago, Tim O’Connor legally changed his name to Santa Claus and this last election season, the voters of North Pole, Alaska (population 2,200) couldn’t resist writing his name in ultimately garnering him an open City Council spot.

Who says write-in campaigns don’t work?


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