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Summer’s Coming: Erdogan Issues Emergency Hair Removal Decree

Summer’s Coming: Erdogan Issues Emergency Hair Removal Decree

Since last summer’s coup attempt, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been freed by his...

Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Daash

Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Daash

PD hates to kick your off your week with anything dark, pessimistic or chilling, but we do it...

Genius Idea: Air India’s Customer Service

Genius Idea: Air India’s Customer Service

At a time when airline customer service seems to be an archaic concept, Air India, ever the...

Too Many Holidays

Too Many Holidays

Today’s 4/20, and after Easter on Monday, Earth Day over the weekend and Witch Burning Day the...

Adidas and Pepsi Competing to Be New Coke

Adidas and Pepsi Competing to Be New Coke

So far 2017 seems to be the year where top and semi-top tier companies vie to win the PR label of...

How To: Dress For the G8

Snazzy.How short is Putin? Goodness gracious. What happens when you get a bunch of major Statists from all over the world together for a summer powwow? Well, you make sure they strictly adhere to a “casual” and “relaxed” dress code. Oh, Mahmoud Statists.

Perhaps the outside black bloc rioters, would have a better chance of infiltrating the meeting if they dropped their balaclavas and hoodies in favor of something more along the lines of the G8 Dress Code listed below.

Genius Idea: Drinking During the Day to Alleviate High Tax Fatigue

kalousek2How Miroslav Kalousek lives with his beliefs.We’re taking a break on innovative ways of avoiding rape this week, in favor of telling you about the wisdom of one of the premier European economists of our time: Miroslav Kalousek.

Fabulous in a Flood

Prague Castle Vltava flooding view, Czech Republic.All of the April June showers now have a good chunk of Eastern Europe investing in arks. Waters hit their highest point this morning along the Vltava, and the Danube isn’t fairing much better. This begs the question though, how exactly should one handle being in a flash flood situation?

Wanna Play a Game: Hide & Seek Word Fun with Agenda 21

Figure out just how local the UN's thinking really is...Are you a big game fan? Well, our PD staff has a great one for ya, which is guaranteed to be better than yesterday’s attempt at cracking a joke Howard Dean style.

The game is called, Hide & Seek Word Fun with Agenda 21, and it’s a real blast.

Venezuelan Brawl

Banner? Check. Windbreaker? Check.In a frenzy of windbreakers, cheap suits, grande-sized (or should it be venti?) men duked it out on the floor of the Venezuelan National Assembly Tuesday.

Banners are bound to be banned (say that ten times fast) in any parliamentary meeting, as the unveiling of one by the opposition party caused a Kelsey Grammer Boss moment, where pro-Maduro members decided that a kiss with a fist was the best approach to quell tensions.

Pretty with Peeps

Peeps, useful treats.Peeps--- colorful, sweet, and shaped like little bunnies and chicks. The sugary treat that once took the Amish 27 hours to make, was mastered down by the Born clan in six minutes. With our early Easter now passed, chances are you have quite a few of those marshmallow highlights of the season leftover.

Don’t fret, as always PD’s got you covered with easy ways to go through or preserve your stockpile.


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