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Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Lately, when he isn’t forcing Katy Perry to confess her worst sins (that Obama dress back in the...

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Tired of your usual Netflix lineup of murder documentaries, and Housewives of Gibraltar? Well,...

Vacation Like a Nazi

Vacation Like a Nazi

Supposing the fashion adage of what is old is new carries over to travel, why not vacation like a...

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

Egypt might be trying to blot out their last two revolutions from high school history books, but...

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Those in the FDA are not the only ones that want you to think twice before you tattoo.

10-4-10: 2014’s Winner

Polar Vortex chilled.Time to pop that bottle, buddy.Well, he’s done it again. Oscarsnameo nailed another 9 out of 10, 10-4-10 list in 2014. His slip up from the last two years keeping him from a perfect score? The same as most of you guys out there.

George Herbert Walker Bush.

How To: Conquer the Rust in Your Life

Nothing worse than rust...well, tyranny.For this one you might need a few bottles.Have a problem with rust? No, not the “it” color of 2010, but tarnish, the type that always seems to find its way onto your favorite necklace or on the bottom of your shaving cream.

Well, don’t worry. As always, we’ve got you covered.

Genius Idea: Moving Beyond the Hilarity of Ebola

Silver linings are everywhere if you look for them. A little prep ahead can go a long way.It’s been almost a week, and we haven’t mentioned Ebola. While some PDers might be cheering that record on, with the virus now crossing the European continent it’s time to mention it again.

How To: Have Lucid Dreams

Don’t forget classic Halloween Mickey.Hey, the chills of Halloween are a great distraction from the everyday stress of mass graves and genocide.October typically calls for clocking in the thousandth and something viewing of classic cinema horror, ranging from People Under the Stairs to Pumpkin Head to Poltergeist, in an attempt to bring on freaky dreams worthy of Samhain.

Well, if you are a fan of lucid dreams as always PD has you covered with a tip that’s a little bit science and little bit old wives’ tale.

How To: Waterproof Your Matches

Reminds us of 1984, and not the book.You can even waterproof your basic matchbox matches.While the rest of the world is taking today to celebrate the latest douche accessory piece, the Apple Watch, PD decided that we’d rather cover something useful---like surviving an EMP, something your Apple slap-band won’t do.

Just Sayin’: That’s deserved or How to Be an Idiot

This giraffe story does have us wanting to splurge on the Louis Vuitton safari collection though.No one caught that on film? Typical Big Gov sucking at the basics. Drudge had an excellent headline last week along the lines of, “Woman Breaks into Giraffe Exhibit, Gets Kicked in Face,” and our staff was just wondering if anyone else out there hoped there would be an attached picture or video?


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