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Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Lately, when he isn’t forcing Katy Perry to confess her worst sins (that Obama dress back in the...

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Tired of your usual Netflix lineup of murder documentaries, and Housewives of Gibraltar? Well,...

Vacation Like a Nazi

Vacation Like a Nazi

Supposing the fashion adage of what is old is new carries over to travel, why not vacation like a...

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

Egypt might be trying to blot out their last two revolutions from high school history books, but...

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Those in the FDA are not the only ones that want you to think twice before you tattoo.

How To Manage a Hike in High Temps

Good Springs.Do not die for sand dunes, even the Kelso ones pictured here.With the recent heatstroke deaths of a French mother and father and the fortunate rescue of their young son at New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument, the PD staff wanted to, much in the same vein as our piece on surviving floods, layout some tips for walking during the worst of Summer’s sun.

Summer Solution: Keep the Snakes at Bay

Cold blooded, right?Is it wrong to say that this guy would make a great purse?Thinking of taking a summer trip to the killing fields of Cambodia Ceylon Sri Lanka and worried about bunking with a viper or two?

Nervous that while laying out, upping your tan factor, a friendly rattler or coral snake might treat you to an impromptu back massage?

Summertime Solutions: Freeing Yourself from Ants

Same for ants.The ants go marching 2 million by 2 million.We’ve all been there. It’s a gorgeous summer day. As you breathe in a deep breath of sunshine and minimum exhaust, you feel a sting on your left ankle, and looking down you see your silent assassins making their pilgrimage up your newly christened Charlotte Olympia Meredith wedges.

Mardi Gras Clean Up

Yet another good use for coffee grounds. Grab a slice of king cake and some coffee. Worried about the Mardi Gras aftermath come tomorrow morning, as you head out for your Wednesday ashes with a hangover that resembles the Bubonic Plague? Does the thought of cleaning up the pre-chewed culinary display outside your door on an already angry stomach, strike you as worse than a day at Gitmo?

Don’t stress, as always PD’s got you covered.

How To: Keep Up Your Running Game in Winter

Yoga pants won’t cut it for your winter runs.That naked (they weren’t even allowed to wear shoes) run left all of the new army recruits with frostbite. Damn, Norway. What's wrong with you?Today we have a few winter running tips that the Norwegian Army might want to jot down to avoid frostbite.

Of course, the whole forcing military recruits to do nude sprints in -4F (-20C) temperatures feels a bit more like a deliberate decision than a lapse in consideration.

How To: Cure SOTU Pink Eye

Black tea meds.Contagious progressivism. Did Obama’s fecal matter heavy State of the Union address give you a bad case of pink eye? Don’t worry, because as always PD’s got you covered.


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