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2017: Gold Decadence

2017: Gold Decadence

While the Ramallah catwalks are embracing the recycled look with duds made from old newspapers...

Memory Lane Monday: Lagerfeld on Merkel

Memory Lane Monday: Lagerfeld on Merkel

The Outraged Class has forgotten about Donna Karan’s tips on risqué fashion, in favor of putting...

Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Since our PD Book Club pick for the this month is To Kill a Mocking Bird, our staff felt that we...

EU: Greek Yogurt Can Only Be Greek

EU: Greek Yogurt Can Only Be Greek

In the off chance you were lamenting last year’s Brexit Vote, just know that Britain’s leaving in...

With Love From Bulgaria

With Love From Bulgaria

Sure, Zimbabwe’s in the middle of a military coup-non-coup, but have you checked your mail...

Chap-Stick: Vital For the End of the World

Pucker up. The $1.50 lifesaver. Sure, your child’s school has banned it, but when the chips are down a tube or two of chap-stick can really get you out of a jam.

Not clear on how? Don’t worry, as always PD’s got you covered.

New Year’s Eve Safety

How most NYE celebrations turnout…Being smart about the situation is the key to remaining safe this holiday.Whether you’re looking to celebrate in Hong Kong or Phoenix, PD’s got 5 quick tips to get you through the New Year with minimal blood loss.

Gift-Give like the US Department of Treasury

Even the hat of government is stolen.A basic kit. Still not sure what to get for everyone on your Christmas holiday Winter Gaia list even after all of our suggestions earlier this week?

Well, how about taking a page from the US Department of Treasury, that bit of bureaucracy that last year filled their employees’ stockings with taxpayer-funded survival kits.

How To: Clean Up Your Patent Leather

There might be an actual time and place for this Alexandria McQueen $535 bow clutch.Patent Leather in all its glory. Most of us have at least one or two good buys or ill-advised patent leather accessories lurking in the depths of our drawers and closets. Sure there’s the adage that, “There’s a time and place for patent leather, and that’s never and nowhere,” but if you’re in more of a waste-not-want-not frame of mind this season, thereby looking to maintain what you’ve got, PD has you covered.

Genius Idea: Let Government Tell You How to Celebrate the Holidays…For Your Safety

All Fridays Matter.Watch out for your liver. PD already told you earlier this week about the special radiation detection bracelets that DHS would like the taxpayers to gift the TSA, but Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security has decided to take backseat holiday-making to a whole different level.

Memory Lane Monday: Big Government is Here to Help

A Reagon classic.It’s a good thing that private companies don’t already do this---wait! They do.Ronald Reagan might have said that the most terrifying words in the English language are, “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help,” but nowadays, with a Yellen monetary printing press and citizens being taught from Kindergarten that they are incapable of doing anything without the helping hand and approval from the political class, it has become second nature to look for Government’s guidance from who to have in the bedroom to what to do in the kitchen.


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