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2016’s Classic Christmas Giving and Receiving

D&G Bengal.Silver and gold. Now, with your email box crammed full of retailers telling you that at this point the best gift you can do under such short notice is a gift-card, our staff has a few counter ideas along with some care tips for any special presents you might receive---since hey, obviously you’ve been good this year.

Few on anyone’s Christmas list would fake a smile at good bauble, and with more countries moving towards a cashless society, any extra bits of gold and silver could potentially come in handy down the road.

As with the Burl Ives staple of silver and gold, cashmere is another gift that few would rush to the Returns Desk. From gloves to capes, shawls, sweaters and throws all are great items at different price points for everyone left on your list.

Cashmere care, not as terrfying as soceity wants you to believe.

Put a dinosaur patch on a cashmere throw and it will become your nephew’s favorite blankie.

Oh, and when said nephew proceeds to vomit over-iced reindeer sugar cookies all over it, advise his parents to hand wash it, in lukewarm water with a little Woolite Dark, then wrap it in a towel to dry. It will still be as soft and wonderful as it was before.

Speaking of cleaning, real or faux fur can actually be gently brushed with a standard hairbrush, and carefully steamed for extra shine.

Real or faux, on the Tundra it’s necessary.

Another gift staple is perfume, which actually can be quite tricky to give as everyone seems to be allergic to everything but kale, and well, let’s face it, the smell (and taste) of kale is disgusting. If however, you are lucky enough to receive a vial of an old favorite, by all means, don’t shake the bottle.

Perhaps save the headache and give the bottle of Thierry Mugler’s Alien to someone other than the politically correct douche on your list.

Shaking perfume incorporates air into the bottle and begins to break the formula down.

Then there’s bacon.

Unnerving dreams for only $12.99.

J&D’s offers bacon scented pillows, along with everything else bacon to satisfy the pork needs of your near and dear.

With all of the above classics having been covered, Dolce and Gabbana have all you need for the Crazy Cat Lady on your list.

Crazy Cat Ladies on the catwalk.


Apart from the cat dresses, there’s also the Bengal Coat.

Longer sleeves though would cover more of the cat scratches…

Of course, everyone knows that Crazy Cat Ladies are in the same Phylum and Genus as Bag Ladies, so naturally Dolce and Gabbana has a whole purse collection for you to pick from.

Think of all of the cat treats they’ll hold…

Merry Christmas! 

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  • Guest (smithfield1)

    Uh...giving a kid cashmere? Pretty bourgeois, PD. All I ever got was newspaper and I was told to like it or they'd take it away and just give me rocks.;)

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  • Guest (starnes)

    Yeah cashmere for a kid? No. Cashmere for me? Yes. Every single day and twice on Sundays.:D

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  • Guest (Susan James)

    I'm getting my folks an expansive figure present card to their most loved eatery for Christmas. I would prefer just not to give them a card with the blessing card i it.do my college homework Any thoughts on how I could offer it to them I was deduction a mammoth box however i think everybody does that. Any thoughts would be incredible. Much appreciated

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