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Memory Lane Monday: Duterte and Daash

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How To: Prep For a Terrorist Delivered Nuke

With recent revelations in Belgium, should you worry about terrorists attacking a nuclear power plant?In life there are a lot of things to worry about, this one in particular perhaps not so much.A majority of the population may have spent last weekend fretting away in traffic, worried over the upcoming changes to Instagram (leave it to Facebook to crush a good thing) and whether or not terrorists would/could actually blow up a nuclear power plant.

Hey, people are complicated creatures, what can we say? In any case, apart from the Instagram thing, as always PD’s got you covered.

This time we called up our Chernobyl experts and are ready to shed some light on the media fanned equation of: Daash+Nuclear Plant=X.

To start with, any scenario involving a terror organization or just an Allah inspired lone wolf and a nuke is highly unlikely, mostly due to the casualty payoff being so minimal when compared to the amount of work and trouble any extremist would have to go through to accomplish the task.

Frankly, it’s easier to stop at Williams Sonoma and pick up a pressure cooker.Iodine tablets were used as more of a Soviet pacifier.

So just for the sake of argument, let’s say Daash manages to blow up a nuclear power plant (again, something far easier said than done), what happens?

Well, to start with those most likely to die would be on the actual ground of the power plant and those in a nearby radius would also suffer a good bit of radiation (not necessarily fatal).

The real issue would be from the nuclear fallout wind, which depending on the conditions would make its way across whichever continent. This is the part where you would shelter in place, wherever you are at the time.

It doesn’t have to be a bunker, but keep in mind that gamma radiation will easily go through glass.

At this point, you wouldn’t want to ingest anything coming out of the taps, and you should expect rolling power outages, which would put anything in your fridge at risk. Having a cache of water and can goods (remember to make them something you’d actually like to eat, no need to make a nuclear holocaust worse by having to force down refried beans) is definitely the way to go.

Should you have full on lead garb? Eh, no. That most likely wouldn’t help you, and again, you won’t be venturing outside at this time. Most experts agree that this period would last about 3 days to a week.

What about stockpiling iodine? Well, essentially people already get enough iodine in their diet as is, so instead save the $15+ and use it on buying a board game.

What’s sad is that despite nuclear energy being one of the cleanest on the planet, the green Left has seen to it that so few even exist.If the government gives the all clear, we’d recommend giving it another few days before you venture out, not just due to a general distrust of anything bureaucratic, but after being cooped up and fearful your fellow citizens might not make for safe company (think roving hordes desperate for answers and the last pack of Wrigley’s).

It will be from the all clear point and on that you’ll have to contend with a spike in prices as most goods (animal, vegetable) will be deemed unsafe to eat.Think simple. Essentially terrorists are people too, and people are lazy.

Despite that though, you’ll notice how quickly things will return to a normal state, with any real genetic casualties showing up decades later in terms of increased cancer rates, etc.

Again, as we said before, a terrorist making a quick stop at Home Depot to buy some nails and fertilizer would be a lot easier.

You’re welcome. 

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  • Guest (Debroah)

    Don't forget your pets! Always have enough food and water on hand for them too. Also if you have dogs keep those wee-pads and extra chew toys/bones to keep them from going too stir crazy.

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  • Guest (Heath)

    Agree, iodine is a scam along with a lot of stuff from the prepper community. You don't need to spend a lot, just buy some tuna and water...and duct tape.

    from Melbourne VIC, Australia
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  • Guest (Christopher Nolan)

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  • Guest (LesterBenefield)

    I don't know why the terrorists are killing the innocent people. The government should stop the terrorism and save the people from the attacks. I hope every country should united to stop the terrorism.

    chapter 7 animal farm

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