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Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

With Germany going to vote for Angela Merkel as leader of the Fatherland for the fourth time in...

Genius Idea: Slides For Men Not Women

Genius Idea: Slides For Men Not Women

Let’s finish up Summer 2017, with this little bit of genius from Germany’s Galaxy Water Park,...

Bikini Rights

Bikini Rights

You wouldn’t think that the right to wear a bikini would be eroded under a Trump Administration,...

Just Askin’: Could We Not Go For the Coffin Photo Op?

Just Askin’: Could We Not Go For the Coffin Photo Op?

Over the years, our staff has made a few simple requests of the human race.

Oval Office Wallpaper Revamp

Oval Office Wallpaper Revamp

As with each new Administration, decorators come in and do all they can to scrub out the lies and...

Genius Idea: Shoveling Snow Now Legal in NJ

RIP Chris Farley. Nothing like $450 for a license to do a $10 job, 7 times.This week’s Genius Idea is well, actually genius, which is sad when you consider just how far the State has gone.

Refugees Demand Ghost-Free Accommodation

Ghosts of an age.Basic human rights: food, shelter, clothing and proper Feng Shui. In a story that would fit a PD October perfectly, 35 Syrian refugees in Sweden are demanding to be relocated, because the housing facility they were placed in Grannaforsa is haunted.

Haunted not just with war-torn horrors and bad memories, but with what the refugees believe to be actual ghosts.

December Recap: Carols, Gingerbread & Yes---More Beards

Why fit in?Is that hope on the horizon?Since it is the first day of 2016, we thought we’d skip our normal Genius Idea Friday  segment, and instead just do a recap…You know, in an effort to kick off our PD resolution to be more positive and less pessimistic about the state of the liberty in the world.

So on that note, what happened this month?

Memory Lane Monday: The Arab Spring

Watch it grow under his Administration. Some might call this a caliphate...Have you had a second to put down the so heavily redacted that they could double as a stack of Rorschach tests, Benghazi emails, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence dumped in your stocking on Christmas Eve?

If so, let’s start this week off right with a look back at the “start” of the Arab Spring.

Genius Idea: Christmas Bans

An interesting read.Santa is able to cut a few countries off his list this year.While Christmas 2015 has been banned in Somalia (for fear of Al-Shabaab attacks), Borneo (despite all of the US taxpayer money flowing into the Sultan of Brunei’s harem fund anyone caught celebrating the season there is subject to 5 years in jail), Tajikistan (apparently Father Frost is too Western for Prime Minister Kokhir Rasulzoda) and in Venezuela by economic default (hey, it’s hard to feel jolly when you know you’re going to have to share your casket with the rest of the village), even the good ole’ US of A has experimented with their own yuletide bans.

History Behind: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Next year look for more updated carols. This tree doesn't seem to mind the snow...With George Mason University students studying up on how to rid their collective society of unjust carols, the PD staff thought this year we’d take a closer look at Meredith Wilson's, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.


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