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Just Sayin’: Victoria Secret and Turkey Not Riding the Waves Well

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Just Askin’: Why Shouldn’t Aborigines Be Able to Purchase a Chanel Boomerang?

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It's the Blame Game, with Your Host Brian Ross!

Blame Game, with Brian Ross. Weekdays at 5.And they’re off like a shot, the Media in blame game, frenzied free-for-all. Who can we blame? Who can we blame?

“It’s the Tea Party!”

“It’s Hollywood!”

“It’s us!”

“It’s the American culture.” Well, PD can see why some might certainly think those things.

When you have a media hell bent on making it clear that all Tea Party members aren’t old ladies, but old ladies with guns that hate black people; never mind the Tea Party actually being about fiscal conservatism…

When that same media is quick to praise and excuse OWS Zuccotti Park rapes, property damage, and defection on police cars…

When celebrity commerce is king, and updates of whose dating who, whose screwing who masks the ills of a society strung out on pain killers and As-Seen-On-TV quick fixes…Buy, buy, buy.

When a fashion company jumps on the #aurora hash tag to peddle their Kim Kardashian inspired copycat dress…

When a citizenry is constantly trying to diet their souls away, and is laughed at by the rest of the world for their naivety and stupidity…

Celeb Boutique digging the hole deeper.When no mentions the bodies stacking up along the border, or the oppression of women in the Eastern World…

When people are punished and vilified for success…

When instead of being in bed, children are taken to late night showings of movies where shooting and explosions are the order of the day, in the name of entertainment...

When a country is led by a President that shirks responsibility at every turn…

When a society’s ultimate hope in life is to win the lottery…Delusional tweets.

When the best of America is a Congress composed of degenerates and liars…

Yeah, PD can understand that thought process…but it’s wrong.

All of the above maybe true, but it’s not the reason a psycho went in and shot up a movie theater. It’s not the reason a psycho donned all black, and rigged his flat up to explode.

No one, no political party, no act of Congress, no sorry-excuse for a media, no rap song, no video game, no Kim Kardashian copycat dress, no one is to blame for Auorara.

Expect James Holmes. The psycho himself. That’s who to hold responsible.

That’s the one to hold to the furthest extent of the law.

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