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Just Sayin’:  Il Pesto è Bueno

Just Sayin’: Il Pesto è Bueno

Sure, a TSA agent at Orlando International Airport did just try to take off with a wade of a...

Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of---Round Two

Memory Lane Monday: Who Does This Remind You Of---Round Two

It’s that time of the month, when we present you with three quotes from a figure of history and...

Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

Young Pioneer Stops Offering DPRK Tours for Americans

In a sure sign that it will take a lot more than Ambassador Rodman and an edible bouquet of...

Genius Idea: Tittooing

Genius Idea: Tittooing

While the FDA wants you to think before you ink, the latest trend in tattooing meets cosmetic...

Cantaloupe Beauty

Cantaloupe Beauty

With kale now finally on the outs, the cut-throat beauty community is now looking for a new...

Just Sayin’: Whitesboro Wha---

Done.Whitesboro, New York.While we live in a time of false tolerance and crazy extremes, there are still those stories that shock even us.

Ace Marries OPI with Clark+Kensington

Ace Hardware meets OPI.The Wild Heart.If you, like Michelle Obama, love conducting a remodel, and unlike Michelle do not have $600,000 in taxpayer funds for new curtains and paint, then you might want to check out OPI’s inexpensive new venture.

Obamanomics: Deep Debt? Redecorate!

Some lives are blacker than others?The fininshed product.What can you do when the stress of an $18,000,000,000,000 debt starts to get you down? Well, if you’re Michelle Antoinette Obama you redecorate.

Genius Idea: Ban Biker Logos

Patches don't kill people. Government does.First they came for biker patches, but I didn’t say anything, because I wasn’t into that trend. Then they came for my plaid and that’s when shit got real.Leave it to Big Government to try to quell a massive summer trend, after one little 100 person biker brawl in Waco.

Yes, last month’s motorcycle gang tête-à-tête has the American DOJ rushing to ban biker patches.

Daash’s Art Market

Islamic justice…on the rocks.Resell value.If you’re craving an addition to your cradle of civilization antiquities collection, then you perhaps might be in luck.

Genius Idea: Give the Secret Service a Fake White House

Sadly.Why don't they just get a replica POTUS?In a move that is clearly some type of prolonged April Fool’s Day prank, the Secret Service is requesting their very own White House----you know to practice missing intruders with.


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