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Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Lately, when he isn’t forcing Katy Perry to confess her worst sins (that Obama dress back in the...

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Tired of your usual Netflix lineup of murder documentaries, and Housewives of Gibraltar? Well,...

Vacation Like a Nazi

Vacation Like a Nazi

Supposing the fashion adage of what is old is new carries over to travel, why not vacation like a...

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

Egypt might be trying to blot out their last two revolutions from high school history books, but...

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Those in the FDA are not the only ones that want you to think twice before you tattoo.

January’s Book- Road to Serfdom

The book that changes lives forever.In keeping with the PDers wishes, we here at PD are really trying to stay away from book club picks about genocide, and Nazis. That coupled with a firm desire to get 2013 off to a positive start, have led to the ultimate PD Book Club pick.


Need a reader for the ins and outs of libertarian thought? This is the book. Banned in the USSR and China (the type of banned where if you were caught with even snippets of the text you’d be sent to a work camp), this is the book that changes lives.

December's Book- Animal Farm

The flag of Animalism as described in the book.Anxious to find out what our PD Book Club pick for December is? Well as promised, there are no Nazis, or murders of millions from fascism. It is December after all, a time to focus a bit more on holly and being jolly, and not worrying about life in the reeducation camps.

November's Book- In the Garden of Beasts

Tom Hanks is said to star in the movie version. A new month means a new Book of the Month here at PD. We hope you have enjoyed our last picks. We know that so far our Book Club has focused along the 1930’s and 1940’s line, and November’s pick won’t be any different. Come December though, we promise to switch it up a little.

In the Garden of Beasts is a non-fiction book written by Erick Larson of Devil in the White City fame. In the Garden of Beasts is based on diaries of the Dodd Family, father Dodd having been asked to be the first US Ambassador to Hitler’s Germany. The book showcases their daily lives in Berlin.

October’s Book- Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account

A drawing of Auschwitz done by David Olere.PD’s second book selection for our club takes the questions presented in Andy Andrews’ How Do You Kill 11 Million People and adds more historical precedence, that help us to examine human nature, and the will to believe authority, and that will to survive.

Exclusive Interview with the Author of New Book, Society Today

Grab your copy today.Hey, PDers! You may have noticed that there’s another book floating around underneath our Book Club of the Month pick. For you astute readers out there, that book is called, Society Today, and is the first volume of a five-part libertarian poetry series by PD’s future scapegoat and Editor and Chief, Alexandria M. Navratil-Van Praag. Naturally, showing her PD love, she agreed to give us her first Society Today interview.

How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

Our first book picked is by Andy Andrews. Dig the alliteration.It’s a brand new month, and PD is balls to the wall elated to announce that start of our book club! Book club? That’s right, Book Club.


Book Club

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