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2017: Gold Decadence

2017: Gold Decadence

While the Ramallah catwalks are embracing the recycled look with duds made from old newspapers...

Memory Lane Monday: Lagerfeld on Merkel

Memory Lane Monday: Lagerfeld on Merkel

The Outraged Class has forgotten about Donna Karan’s tips on risqué fashion, in favor of putting...

Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

Since our PD Book Club pick for the this month is To Kill a Mocking Bird, our staff felt that we...

EU: Greek Yogurt Can Only Be Greek

EU: Greek Yogurt Can Only Be Greek

In the off chance you were lamenting last year’s Brexit Vote, just know that Britain’s leaving in...

With Love From Bulgaria

With Love From Bulgaria

Sure, Zimbabwe’s in the middle of a military coup-non-coup, but have you checked your mail...

July’s Book: The Singularity Is Near

The genius.The author outlines the concepts behind his take on the future.This month’s Book Club read is a little on the hefty side (only 670 pages) and is a major mind bender to be considered a fun beach read. Well, that’s not entirely true. The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology by Ray Kurzweil could be considered a fun beach read---- for Sheldon Cooper.

This book is intense, and even in the audiobook version it could result in serious sun burns.

June’s Book: Nudge

cassnudge1Please go over it slowly for us Homer Simpsons, Cass.We promised no genocide this month for our Book Club pick, and at PD we keep our word. Without further ado allow us to present you with the man whose responsibility to protect falls on Samantha Powers, former Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein!

(And the crowd goes wild, or collectively groans.) Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Nudge.

May's Book: Agenda 21

Agenda 21 isn't coming, it's here.It’s back to depressing reads this month for the PD Book Club, and what could be more depressing than a United Nation global control blueprint? Capitalize the communism and tyranny, and you’re left with Agenda 21.

What’s unique about May’s book pick is that we’ve actually selected three books for you to choose from as your introduction to what we guarantee you is already in your home.

April’s Book: Winners Never Cheat

Jon Huntsman Senior, truly a man to aspire to.Few people may know his name, but we guarantee you that Jon Huntsman Senior has touched your life.

The inventor of Styrofoam, one of the few not to be indicted in the Nixon Administration, and the owner of several companies throughout the years, Huntsman Senior will be the man to cure cancer in our lifetime at his Huntsman Cancer Institute.

March’s Book: Adventure Capitalist

Jim Roger's Adventure Capitalist. So we’ve tackled the Nazis, Keynes' defunct economy, and George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Now let’s add a little fun to the Book Club.

Jim Rogers is known as the American Investor, for good reason. This guy is to investing as Colonel Sanders is to chicken. Sure, sure, he partnered with the Spooky Dude George Soros back in the day to launch the Quantum Fund, but hey, we all make mistakes.

February: The Road to Serfdom Continues…

F. A. Hayek.We’re now in month two of F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. How does it feel to have the fundamental planks of small government fall into place? Does your own concept of libertarianism feel pushed?

There aren’t any possible bones about it, there’s a lot of meat to The Road to Serfdom.


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