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Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Just Askin’: How Terrible Is It to Live in DeRay McKesson’s World?

Lately, when he isn’t forcing Katy Perry to confess her worst sins (that Obama dress back in the...

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Must See TV: A Daash Drama?

Tired of your usual Netflix lineup of murder documentaries, and Housewives of Gibraltar? Well,...

Vacation Like a Nazi

Vacation Like a Nazi

Supposing the fashion adage of what is old is new carries over to travel, why not vacation like a...

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

The Cheaper Way to Blot Out

Egypt might be trying to blot out their last two revolutions from high school history books, but...

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Tatted? No Hot Springs For You

Those in the FDA are not the only ones that want you to think twice before you tattoo.

January’s Book: The Art of Being Unmistakable

It’s all up to interpretation. Amazon has a few hundred reviews on this book, just in case you need more convincing. It’s January, the society mandated time of the year for self-reflections and resolutions to be better, whatever we end up defining better as.

If you are in the market for a fresh take on defining that better, then Srinivas Rao’s The Art of Being Unmistakable: A Collection of Essays About Making a Dent in The Universe is a great fit.

December’s Book: The United States vs. Santa Claus

Why does this make us laugh so much?Santa versus the State.Our special December Book Club selection for this year is streaks more jovial than last year’s Animal Farm.

Hey, with all of the hate mail we get for our depressing genocide numbers and the occasional Ray Kurzweil pick, the PD staff knew we had to at least give you a break for the holidays.

November’s Book: A Duck Dynasty Duo

Excellent point.The Duck Brothers, first generation. For November, we have a special treat in store for all of you Book Club PDers. Instead of our usual depressing Holocaust fare, or extensional Ray Kurzweil, PD decided to go with some laughs---with a little bit of politics sprinkled in.

Hey, Jack! The world is stressful enough, without having to force down 300 pages of mankind being screwed into oblivion.

Let’s look at our picks.

October’s Book: The Gift of Fear

Learning to listen to yourself is key.The gift of fear…Wonder how that applies to Obamacare?  ‘Cause we’re terrified.Since it is October, the PD staff knew that our Book Club pick had to be The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker, which focuses on the social queues that trump intuition--- often with deadly consequences.

September’s Book: Weapons of Mass Instruction

Prison. Perhaps the best $15 you've ever spent.While PD’s danced around the subject of the American education system before, for the month of September we’ve decided to go deeper. Much deeper.

If you, like a chunk of our staff, happen to be a product of that said system, grab a pack of smokes, because you are about to find out just how much you’ve been fucked.

August’s Book: Escape From Camp 14

As much a part of reality today, as yesterday.An original drawing from Shin Dong-hyuk.Last month’s Ray Kurzweil pick might have been on the heavy side, but Escape From Camp 14 can be downed in an afternoon and is guaranteed to change your outlook on life.


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