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Slippery Slope on Swastikas

Slippery Slope on Swastikas

Aside from a pair of Christian Louboutins, most people do not give a lot of thought to the look...

Just Sayin’: Memes Aren’t That Important

Just Sayin’: Memes Aren’t That Important

In the latest Social Justice Warrior makeup outrage, for once it’s Tarte Cosmetics up on the...

Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

Memory Lane Monday: Ballots and 130,000 Refugees Unaccounted For

With Germany going to vote for Angela Merkel as leader of the Fatherland for the fourth time in...

Genius Idea: Slides For Men Not Women

Genius Idea: Slides For Men Not Women

Let’s finish up Summer 2017, with this little bit of genius from Germany’s Galaxy Water Park,...

Bikini Rights

Bikini Rights

You wouldn’t think that the right to wear a bikini would be eroded under a Trump Administration,...

June’s Book: Up From Slavery

Exactly.Up From Slavery.Well, with Al Sharpton gainfully employed and deployed to the streets of inner city America in order to kick off a long, hot summer of race riots, we felt that the PD Book Club needed an uplifting choice this month.

Hell, when the media and DOJ forces a narrative of race inequality down the public’s throats, it’s definitely the season to seek out a little perspective.

May’s Book: Dear Leader

This feels like the scene from Winnie the Pooh, where he’s stuck in Rabbit’s hole.You won’t be able to put this one down…and not because of some tyrannical government mandate.Last month, we looked at how people survived the Khmer Rouge, a genocidal force that felt all too close as it happened in the 1970’s.

Well, this time we’re reading about a tyrannical force that is even closer to us---as it’s actually happening right now.

Yes, depressing as ever, our PD Book Club pick is Dear Leader: North Korea's Senior Propagandist Exposes Shocking Truths Behind the Regime.

April’s Book: First They Killed My Father

Why wouldn't they again?Great title, but her father didn't die first.Starting on that April day in 1975, when the communist Khmer Rouge came to Phnom Penh, in First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, Loung Ung recounts her journey as a young child through the Killing Fields of Cambodia and finally onward to the United States.

March’s Book: The Law

Bastiat.A great libertarian starting point.Even though Frederic Bastiat published The Law (the original French title being, La Loi) in 1850, a mere few months before he succumb to tuberculosis, the book still reads as if it were written today.

Just Sayin’: Banning Any Book is Fascist

Don’t fear the pages, fear the tyranny.Though Germany banned any reprints in German, they were unable to stop other language versions throughout the rest of the world.Here at PD, we’re not believers in bans. As an organization we are all about more speech, more information, more opinion---not less.

So while some are now up in arms about the news that in late 2015 Germany is lifting the print ban on Mein Kampf (a book that during the 1930’s was once a staple wedding gift), we think that the ban should have never been done in the first place.

February’s Book: The Moaning of Life

A real life lesson.He might have a head like an orange, but there’s a lot of knowledge in that orange.Since February is a short month, our staff decided to keep our pick light-hearted with Karl Pilkington’s The Moaning of Life.

Hey, if you’re mad and don’t think it is nearly libertarian enough, don’t worry we will be back next month with Bastiat.


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