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July’s Book: The Constitution of the United States

When the people asked for the Constitution to be used by the President, I don’t that is what they had in mind.From the Preamble to the Bill of Rights, it’s a good read and a better protection against the government than a Nicolas Sparks novel. A little shocked by our July pick of the US Constitution? While the Home and Garden Television Network might be quick to have you show your patriotism by kitting out your picnic table to with Ole’ Glory under Aunt Beatrice’s potato salad, our staff’s move to spotlight The United States Constitution has very little to do with jingoism and more to do with calling out the elephants in the room.

So many people in the conservative movement sing the praises of the Constitution, yet never seem to counter Nancy Pelosi’s and the rest of Washington’s Good & Plenty interpretation.If that’s the case, Boehner, then what are you going to do about it?

Why? Well, trotting out the excuse of the American education system might work, but overall we here at PD theorize that it’s the underlying trust in authority that has kept the populous from really dog-earing the pages of the world’s first basis for freedom.

That explains why we picked it for our American PDers, but what about the rest of our PDers? Why would they want to carve out the one or two hours from July to read another country’s constitution? Couldn’t we go with a Nicolas Spark’s beach read, instead?

They even make pocket Constitutions. Well, the US Constitution is our PD Book Club pick for the very reason that this is/was the first basis for freedom and recognition of Nature’s Law over Man’s Law, a place where governments have no type of authority whatsoever. Sure, the American government begs to differ on that now (that there has to be the understatement of the century), but going back to the original document that was the point.

There might be enough anti-American sentiment to sink the SS Exceptionalism nowadays, but look at the foundation of what was or could have been man’s freedom.

As you read the Constitution, consider the following:Explain this.

Is the Constitution what you thought or had envisioned by the mainstream media’s coverage?

What would your personal Constitution say?

Did the Founding Fathers miss anything?

Further, throughout this month we will be changing it up by also highlighting different amendments.

So pick up your copy here, from our side margins, of from elsewhere on the net and let us know what you think.


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  • Guest (Lella)

    So is this a libertarian book club? Cool! I will def join!

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  • Guest (Mr. Falus)

    Idiots !!!

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  • Guest (Tahmoore)

    The GOP just sent Obama a copy of the constitution for his birthday. Are they part of the book club too?;)

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