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Genius Idea: Cancel Gone With the Wind

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Russia Burns Soros’ Books

He loves himself a foundation. Kindling with Soros. Daash and parts of Africa might still be into burning people, but in Russia the new trend is burning books---if they’re written by George Soros or one of his 10 billion foundations.

In Vorkuta, located in Russia’s Komi Republic (for a better look at the area click here), the Education Ministry decided to fight off the winter chill with 53 tomes penned by the undesirable George Soros and his undesirable NGOsm including his precious and touted Open Society.

Last November, sick of Soros’ constant shorts on the Russian economy, Vladimir Putin ruled the Spooky Dude to be a subversive entity bent (well, he is old) on overthrowing the Russian Nation and plunging it into chaos.

That subversive entity label and undesirable status essentially has made it a crime for any Russian citizen to have contact with Soros’ foundations.

Defending the impromptu community bonfire, Yelena Vasileva, the Librarian of the local school where the books were taken from, made the case that they were really just decluttering, “I’ve been working here 11 years, and the books from the (Soros) fund were around even before then, and no one has ever checked them out and they have been in storage.”More speech, not less.

In any case, Spring cleaning or not, as libertarians of course, PD doesn’t believe that any book should be banned or burned, even those written by a decrepit control freak. Furthermore, our staff even owns some of his books.

Unfortunately for Putin, banning and burning only serves to make Soros stronger.

If Putin really wanted to defeat George Soros, he should do so on the battlefield of ideas; suggest his fellow citizens read all of his books and see how bad this guy really is…or you know, just throw him in a gulag or gift him some uranium roses for Valentine’s.

Whichever is easiest. 

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  • Guest (Tony Jay)

    Didn't Thailand do something similar back when Soros was trying to crush the economy there?

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  • Guest (sluggo)

    Or you can just see his influence in the U.S where he owns the media and how P.C it has become, and weakened Economically and militarilly. Russia is correct to do this. Soros is power hungry and evil to the bone. His words and influence won't gain anything for a nation, only gain him more power. Putin is 100% right about this guy.

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  • Guest (jim)

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  • Guest (alex)

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