October’s Book: The Deadly Dozen

The CNN approach.Excellently researched; you’ll be amazed at what the State missed.Our staff selected Robert Keller’s The Deadly Dozen: America's 12 Worst Serial Killers as the PD Book Club October pick for obvious reasons.

First, the serial killers Keller covers (Albert Fish, BTK, the Son of Sam, the Freeway Killer, John Wayne Gacy, the Boston Strangler, Randy Kraft, the Candy Man, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, the Green River Killer and the Night Stalker) and their crimes are horrific beyond measure, depicting man’s deep brutality. Which, yeah, that’s pretty scary.

Second, as Keller delves into the history of each case a pattern becomes apparent----the State (the one many believe keep them safe at night) often dropped the ball when it came to catching these monsters.The condiments in Jeffrey Dahmer’s fridge.

Examples include how few in the public realize that the first nine years alone of the Green River Killer investigation cost American taxpayers $15,000,000. Then there’s the tragic case of 14 year old Konerak, where despite having been heavily drugged by Jeffrey Dahmer he managed to escape, only to have been brought back to Dahmer’s apartment by the police.

The police.

Literally. The Milwaukee Police Department helped Dahmer carry the young man back to the apartment where Dahmer already had the body of Tony Hughes decomposing on the bedroom floor. Clearly things didn’t turn out well for Konerak.

True story.At 134 pages, not only will this book creep you out, we guarantee that it will be hard to look at the State the same way when you’re finished.

Snatch it up for free this month by clicking here or from our side margins. 

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  • Guest (Connie)

    I usually do not like reading anything too gory, but now I'm intrigued. ;) Thank you for the odd ball suggestion.

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  • Guest (intheblazer)

    The police took him back to Dahmer? I never heard that before. I am reading this book.

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  • Guest (Jason)

    Rodney James Alcala should have been part of this book, with almost as many kills as Bundy and all of the mistrials by the State he fits the example to a T.

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  • Guest (neo/Genius)

    Have to say I never considered how well the State holds serial killers accountable or the cost. Thank you for the different way of looking at things. Mind expanded.

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  • Guest (Heather)

    You wrote about Rodney Alcala on Memory Monday and I was wondering if anyone here ever read his book? Anyone have a scanned copy?

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  • Guest (Team PD)

    @Heather You, the Jury released in 1994. We haven't read it ourselves, but check here: http://www.worldcat.org/title/you-the-jury/oclc/29565108 :)

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  • Guest (Linda)

    Isn't the statistic something along the lines of 15 active serial killers in the US alone currently?

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  • Guest (carbdiem92)

    Learning about these serial killers was really interesting for me, because being born in '92 I only have vague recollections of most of them. Super creepy and great for October!

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  • Guest (Brown05)

    A great listing and I would like to see the author take on Canada's long list of serial killers.

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